Why Adsense suspend Most 10 reasons behind Adsense suspension

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Why Adsense suspend? Most 10 reasons behind Adsense suspension:

Adsense is a good way to earn, but nowadays it has become very hard prevent your account from suspension. Adsense has become very strict about their advertiser security and policies, and that is why there can be many reasons that can lead your account to suspension. We will not include all reasons here, but the following are the most common reasons that can lead to suspension.

Content that incites hater:

Writing content that incites hater against a group of people or individual is against the Ad sense policy. And violating the policy leads to suspension. For example, you write an article about religion or a group that can promote violence then adsense will surely ban you from using their services.

Duplicating ads with the page content:

Adsense doesn’t allow its users to create ads similar to their page content which means that publishers have to customize their ads. This may sound a little crazy, but adsense has included this in their policy. Adsense don’t want the visitors to get confused in differentiating between the link and ad link. So, it is not suggested for advertisers to do that.

Using tricks to get unnatural clicks:

Most of the beginners use software or tricks to get unnatural clicks, but they forget that adsense is way more intelligent than them. It keeps track of your activities, which means that you cannot trick ad sense. Perform any similar activity, and you will lose your account.

Unsupervised site:

By unsupervised site, we mean a site that is not well managed. Your site structure has to be user-friendly. Keep the design of your site simple so that the visitor doesn’t find it a task to get information from your site. The unsupervised site is another reason of the suspension.

Unnatural comment linked to your site:

When visitors comment on your blog, they leave a link to their website to get some referrals. These links can be of unnatural content such as gambling, pornography or adult content. Keep checking your comments link otherwise; you will face suspension as well.

Adding Adsense image ads with normal images:

This can be used to trick the visitor to click the ad, and that is why it is against the ad sense policy. You cannot add ad images in the queue of normal images. Keep them separate otherwise get ready to get suspended by the ad sense.

Copying an existing brand:

In case you are using the name of an existing brand to promote your product then you are violating the policy of ad sense. With Ad sense, you cannot promote fake products by copying brand’s name.

Promoting illegal products:

By illegal products, we mean the products that are hazardous to health. The list includes cigarettes, cigars, drugs, cocaine, beer and similar other products. You can write about drug rehabilitation topics, but you cannot promote or sell them.

Educating people to hack the content:

Any instruction or solution that encourages people to crack the software or server illegally will lead to suspension. You are the reason yourself in getting suspended because this part is obvious in the ad sense policy. So, don’t get yourself involved in this.

Putting disabled ads:

Applying the suspended ad code on the website also leads to suspension. For example, if you put ads in a suspended account then adsense will also suspend your website. So, don’t share adsense accounts with those who have already been suspended by the ad sense. Keep these points in mind and read the policies of adsense carefully to prevent your account from suspension.


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