Why google Penalty Your Web Site

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Google Most popular search engine.Many people wanted his website ranking asap.it’s really bad.So that they are use black hat seo.Its really bad for website ranking.Sometimes you get good result.But future you should get bad effect your website.Try to make web site seo friendly content & make web site high Quality backlink.Also try to make website good design & development.




If google suspend your adsense.you can’t back adsense.Also you lost your money.So never use any tricks or any bad way.Always try to write good article.That’s very important for on page seo optimization.World many web site have checking your website penalty or adsense suspend.i will show you a good website.thats you can check easy way.your website situation & panely information.adsense band checking web site.This website really good& important for checking your website penalty information.Also if you wanted get more traffic your web site.try to increase your web site social media marketing.its really increase your website traffic make your website popular.


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