How To web site keyword ranking and Get Good Traffic

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1.Content: Content Always King any web site.If you wanted your web site good traffic and Good earning.So that you will publish your web site Good content.Also Google like Good content.Without Good content Web site never get traffic and never any keyword ranking.Always try to use Good content your web site and Best informational Content.

2.SSL :SSL is now more important for any web site.Google update there algorithm. That without SSL don’t give any web site ranking any web site.Always try to use Good domain and hosting company SSL.I will suggest you use name cheap company ssl.there ssl price low cost and best service.also they are accept 3rd party web site.

3.Meta Description: Always try to use unique and Good effective Meta Description your web site.without good meta description traffic not improved and never ranking your web site.also use sort meta description and use friendly Mata Description

4.Keyword: Most important any  factor web site for get traffic.always use long terms keyword and monthly search volume keyword.without keyword you don’t get good cpc and increase your adsense keyword most important for google adsense earning. Because Google very cleaver.they know try to effective keyword.

5.Web master Tools: Try to your web site index web master tools.Google give its free service for index your web site there web server indexing system. Webmaster tools important for web site keyword ranking and Targeting web site traffic.Also Web master tools you can check your web site per day visitor and web site page view and many important issues.


6.Google Analitches: Other most important for web site ranking Depend Google Analitches.Try to ad your web site google that you can check every day web site traffic,conversation,traffic increase or down.all info you get Google analitches.

7.Onpage SEO: Most important for web site Keyword ranking and get good traffic.Always try to improved your web site onpage without onpage seo web site don’t get good traffic and good earning. Onpage seo means(Meta Description,Web site Title,Keyword,Web site speed up,Image Optimization,H1 H2 tag add,XML Site map add,Site map add,User friendly Good content and Unique Images add).

8.Offpage seo: means link building any web site.that means link your web site high quality web site adding.offpage seo most important part is Guest post.its good effect your web site.also ranking asap.i give some idea about offpage seo part(Blog comments,Directory Submission,Guest Post,PBN,High Autority Backlink)

9.Web site Age: Most important factor depend any web site good traffic and keyword ranking web site don’t get any web site good traffic without old web web site never ranking any keyword. Seo process slow but most effective.always try to work manually and make web site user friendly.

10.Marketing: Any web site get good traffic depend marketing.if you wanted your web site good traffic and good needs to marketing your web site.without proper marketing you don’t get good traffic your web and never good earning your web site.Google adword campaigning is Good marketing service.its costly but more good effective for get traffic.Also use social media traffic good web site page views and get traffic.but google always like search consul keyword traffic.Google Always like Organic Traffic.So guess anyone use this ten idea .i hope his web site must be ranking and get good if any issues don’t forget that.i will give you any Question answer.


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