Best places for students to travel in Europe

7 Best places for students to travel in Europe

This article reveals the best destinations in Europe for students to visit based on extensive research and rankings. These locations were rated by students based on the factors to look out for while studying abroad, making it even more crucial to pick the proper nation for study.

Some of these attributes, as evaluated by these students as a criterion before deciding on the best location to study, are listed below:

Criteria for choosing a place of study

  • A high-quality teaching environment
  • A place Where you can achieve your career goals
  • A place that can help you in your personal development
  • Where you get to experience different cultures and lifestyles without them imposing their lifestyles on you
  • A place where you will be given an avenue to associate with the locals and make new friends
  • A place where you get to improve on your language and possible adopt other language skills

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Best places for students to travel in Europe

1. Germany

Germany is rated second in Europe for high-quality teaching and third for achieving career goals. However, it is ranked third in the world overall.

Germany, commonly known as Deutschland, is the second best and at the top of the list of greatest places in Europe for students to go to who desire to pursue their studies in Europe. This nation shares its borders with a total of eleven (11) countries, with the gorgeous mountains of Bavaria, a fairytale castle that lies along the Rhine, and also the lakes of Mecklenburg largely for a surreal experience being at the heart of it all.

German cities are loaded with wonderful cultural centers with an intriguing and deep history worth understanding. As the biggest economy in Europe, you will undoubtedly have a remarkable trip, and this nation will provide you with an experience of a lifetime.

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2. Switzerland

Switzerland is rated third in the world for personal growth and first in the world for achieving professional objectives.

Switzerland is a famous and leading country to catch stunning views and go skiing in the Alps, with amazing cities like Basel, Geneva, and Lucerne holding sights and lasting histories that will definitely leave you speechless. It holds one of the most complex and advanced economies in the world as a top-ranked country. It holds one of the world’s most complex and advanced economies as a top-ranked country.

It provides a diverse selection of languages from which to study, and for career-oriented students, particularly those interested in banking or finance, Switzerland is the place to be.

3. The United Kingdom

With a list of such amazing universities as Oxford, Cambridge, and University College London, this country is ranked first in the world for high-quality teaching and third in the world for culture and lifestyle. It is also home to the majority of the world’s prestigious universities for greater access to quality teaching.

You may see some old historical sites as well as their world-class museums. One of the most notable aspects of this nation is its ease of access to travel all over the globe. Most students would do whatever it takes to have a once-in-a-lifetime study abroad experience in the United Kingdom (UK).

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4. The Netherlands

The Netherlands ranks second in Europe for accomplishing career goals and fourth in the world for personal growth. This nation is noted for its café’-culture lifestyle, as well as a passion for cycling, entrepreneurship, and being one of the best in engineering.

The Dutch, who are free-spirited and open-minded people with a great ability for problem-solving, is also known as the Dutch. The Netherlands has the greatest portion of European art history, and when it comes to academics, they have one of the most respected advanced education systems in the world, as well as a highly competitive economy.

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5. France

This nation is rated third in Europe for high-quality education and second in the globe for its culture and lifestyle, with a strong affinity for the French language.

France is one of the best countries for foreign students who want to sample world-renowned cuisine, has the world’s biggest and most visited art museum, and is a research hub for some of the world’s top colleges.

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6. Spain

Spain leads the world in culture and lifestyle, ranking first and fourth in adventure. This country emerges as one of the best places for students to travel to in Europe, primarily because it holds some of the world’s oldest universities with such a distinct culture. It is a unique experience taking your education to Spain with some of its great cities like Granada, Malaga, and Seville. Be ready to be impressed with their Moorish influence and Signature Flamenco Music.

7. Sweden

Sweden is still one of the best places in Europe for students to visit; the nation is rated sixth in Europe for high-quality teaching and ninth in the world for personal development.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Sweden has one of the best records; here, you truly get in touch with nature with their Swedish cities that are only a short distance apart, and with a plethora of quality universities such as Stockholm and Gothenburg, you are guaranteed an incredible and unforgettable experience.

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Other suggested nations are Denmark, Portugal, and Italy, where you may be certain of a life-changing experience and high-quality education.

Denmark holds the record for the happiest and high quality of life with a great cultural practice, as well as Portugal, which is ranked first in the world of adventure and fourth in the world as it offers great endless summer and colorful tiled buildings, and finally, Italy, which is ranked fifth in Europe in the world of adventure and seventh in Europe for their high-quality teaching, this country is not just great with its quality pizza and gelato it is one of the very best places recommended for its great history.

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