12 Different types of people in a friend group

Friend groups are typically comprised of a diverse group of people, each with their own distinct personality. Even if you have a close group of friends, that doesn’t mean you’re not present as the character. In this article you get to see the different types of people you can have in a friend group.

Different types of people in a friend group

1. The Pessimist

This group of people always has something wrong with them, and they tend to spread it to their friends, and even when everyone else is having a good time, they always find ways to bring everyone down with their negativity.

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2. The joker

Sometimes we all need the presence of a comic relief in our group, which is to say that the role of a joker in a group should not be underestimated. They are always looking for ways to lighten the mood, and when things get a little heated, their jokes can help to lighten the load. They excel at summarizing everyone else’s sense of humour, envisioning themselves as the ideal party guest.

3. The scab

This group of people is always having financial problems, as they are always complaining about not having enough money, despite the fact that you saw them purchase an iPhone a few days ago. You constantly have to carry them with you when you go out to buy necessities like food, and they are always promising payment, which they never do. Except for the scab, you can certainly be anyone else.

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4. The total mess

Instead of comic relief, the mess is the punchline to every joke; they don’t seem to understand that in life, there must be some challenges that are unavoidable by everyone; if you’re having a bad day, just remember that it’s much worse for them. These individuals can be identified by their habit of saying,

I don’t deserve this right now.

5. The Chilled one

They are open to whatever life has to offer them; with this attitude, they breeze through life and are not as hard or desperate about things for their own good. They are so relaxed that they avoid having disagreements with others. There are those who believe,

I can’t be worried about that shit, life goes on man.

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6. The mind reader

These individuals are essentially the parents of every group; they believe it is their responsibility to care for every other member of the group and are constantly doing so. Even when they go to a party to get drunk, they make sure that those who get too drunk are taken care of and that everyone gets home safely.

7. The artistic one

These are the people who have talent in their fingertips and are better than the rest of the group, even if they are combined. They are either amazing at sketching or know how to play an instrument; most of the time, they get to forged the notes for the teachers in school with no idea where they learned their skill. It is critical to have a creative member of the group.

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8. The smart one

These are the know-it-alls; with their general knowledge, they frequently put everyone else in the group to shame; this is due to their incredible intelligence. They appear to have general knowledge about everything, and nothing excites them more than the prospect of a pub quiz because they can answer all questions from nearly every angle.

9. Future executive

These people enjoy watching shows about suits, and when it comes to their career, they are willing to give it their all. In the long run, they have a better chance of earning the most money out of your friend group. When it comes to dealing with stress, you definitely don’t want to be on their bad side, especially when they’re in a bad mood. To keep it this way, you have to try everything you can to stay off the warpath.

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10. The not-so-wise one

If you’re looking for someone who will excel at a table quiz or on their strong suit, this is not the group for you. Though they are a lot of fun to be around because they have such a great personality, you are always surprised at some of the things they don’t know, especially at their age.

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11. The drifter

These are your ghost friends; you see them for a while, then they vanish, and you have no idea where they went. It’s possible that they have some business that necessitates their presence at all times, but no one ever inquires about the reasons for their absence. They can leave their town without giving anyone any reason.

But when you’re around them, they seem fine, just like any other person, but it can get a little scary because you have no idea where they are, which can lead you to wonder if they have a double life or are a serial killer.

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12. The most fashionable

This person is always on the lookout for the latest fashion trends, and always has a closet full of items you can’t wait to own. If you’re looking for the best place to dress up, look no further because their place is always the best to do so, with a variety of accessories in their possession, they can help take your outfit to the next level.

Spending enough time with this group of people will undoubtedly cause you to pick up on some of their dressing habits without even realizing it. Finally, because they have such a keen sense of fashion, they prefer to spend their time in prominent locations.


There are a variety of different types of people in a friend group. Some people are outgoing and social, while others are more introverted and prefer to stay in the background. Some people are loyal and stay friends with everyone, while others are more selective and only keep close friends.

Some people are constantly busy and always on the go, while others prefer to take their time and enjoy themselves. The combinations and permutations are endless, so it is important to get to know all of your friends well in order to create a strong and supportive friendship group.

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