Factors that affect student success in college

8 Factors that affect student success in college

School is one of the most difficult times in everyone’s life. Many students go through difficult situations just to stay in college until graduation. As a result, most students are unable to give their all to their college education. This article will discuss the factors that tend to impede student success in college.

Factors that affect student success in college

1. Time constraints

College is mentally taxing, with a long list of courses that demand a lot of effort and time. College tends to pack two years of content into one year, which is normally challenging and filled with confused moments and hours of study, especially for students who take a full 15 credit load while others may even take as much as 18 or 21 credits, making it appear impossible to stay on top of it all because there isn’t enough time.

To avoid this, the school administration must consider reducing the credit hours. However, it is important for college students to know their strengths; it is not necessary to handle 18 credits if your strength can only handle 15 credit.

Even though the main goal of college is to learn as much as possible, which may not always be convenient for you, a good time schedule will help you keep your mind fresh and clear even if you try to take as many credits as possible.

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2. Lack of funds

Tuition fee increases frequently cause many students to drop out of their studies, while others seek part-time college jobs, causing them to fall behind in their studies. Think about how much housing, supplies, transportation, food, and textbooks cost. This often leads to too much debt, which makes it hard to study.

Though most financial advisors advise college students to borrow a portion of their tuition and pay it back after graduation. However, with rising tuition and commodity prices, it is difficult not to borrow much more than is necessary, which could pose a major problem in the future. This has led to a lot of students dropping out of college because they can’t pay for it. For some students, working part-time is the only way to make ends meet.

Though most people see student loans as a way out of these financial difficulties, many students in college are unaware of how repayment works or how long it will take to repay these loans, necessitating the need for an awareness program.

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3. Illness and medical conditions

Poor self-care, increased stress, and a lack of sleep have all been identified as major factors that affect almost every student. Living in close quarters can also pose a health risk and increase a student’s chances of contracting an illness.

As a student, the best thing you can do is eat healthy, balanced meals, get enough sleep, and wash your hands frequently. Most importantly, if you show any signs of illness, go to the campus clinic.

5. Everyday celebration

There is nothing wrong with going out to party, but it can be a major factor in your success as a college student if it becomes too frequent.

Partying can be a fun way for students to get rid of boredom, but too much of it can be harmful. However, it is a better option than drugs and alcohol, which can lead to risky behavior, poor choices, potentially fatal situations, and even poor health, all of which can impact every student’s success.

Parties can be enjoyable only if they are done responsibly and legally in order to avoid causing problems for yourself and others. Know your limit, ask for a ride home if you’ve been drinking, and keep track of all your friends to ensure their safety. In addition, whenever you consume an amount of alcohol that exceeds your limit, you should eat well and drink plenty of water.

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6. Depression

Depression can be caused by a number of things. College students get depressed when they find themselves in situations over which they have no control, such as all of the above.

These numerous challenges can increase a student’s stress level and lead to emotional lows as well as depression, which will undoubtedly impede their success. Depression is something that every college student goes through at some point, and it has become a major factor in how well each student does in school.

College students need a professional support system they can talk to at any time. This would help a lot with depression and other bad feelings.

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7. Bad study habit

There are numerous bad study habits that can jeopardize a student’s success in college. Cramming is a common bad study habit.

Cramming can lead to poor comprehension and exam performance. It can also result in a lack of comprehension of the material. Working too hard is another common bad study habit. Working too hard can cause exhaustion and stress. It can also cause a lack of concentration.

Finally, failing to review material is another common bad study habit. Taking the time to review material can prevent you from forgetting it. All of these bad study habits can lead to lower grades and less college success.

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8. Not sleeping enough

If you want to be alert and productive during the day, make sure you get enough sleep the night before. Lack of sleep has been linked to impaired cognitive function and a diminished capacity for learning.

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Conclusion of factors influencing college student success

With these factors listed above, the question is how to deal with them and ensure that all college students achieve success in their studies and in other areas. There is a lot of adjusting to be done to ensure that these factors are eliminated, and the school authorities play a significant role in this.

As a college student who desires success in studies and other activities, obtain the necessary motivations to get you started, after which you must be consistent in your studies without paying attention to the challenges over which you have no control; this will help you to avoid becoming depressed all of the time, which can have a negative impact on your academic success.

Every college student who wishes to be successful in college must find ways to overcome the factors mentioned above if they wish to succeed in college.

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