how to make yourself study every day

Here is how to make yourself study every day

Studying when it is close to exams is not enough; you need to learn how to make yourself study every day. Incorporating studying into your daily activities is great, but how do you do this? To do this, you will need to do the following:

How to make yourself study every day

1. Set strategic goals for the day

To study every day, you will need to first set smart goals. You will need to strategize your days and weeks and fix studying into your daily activity. How do you do this? You do this by setting goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. You set goals that inspire you and write them down to make them feel more real. Then, determine the steps you need to take to achieve your study goals and tick them off as you go.

Goal setting is a powerful method for seeing your ideal future and inspiring yourself to make that vision of studying every day a reality. Setting goals allows you to decide where you want to go in life. You can focus your efforts more effectively if you know exactly what you want to achieve. You’ll also see the diversions that might easily lead you astray.

2. Find your motivation

Motivation is the strong desire to attain your goals and meet your expectations. Motivation is influenced by a lot of factors. Yours may be to land your dream job or to graduate with a certain grade point. Whatever your motivation is, you need to find it and use it to drive yourself to study every day.

Also, having to do all that studying and catch up on reading from prior days might be a hassle at times. It may be intimidating because, in addition to studying, you may have a slew of other personal obligations that demand your attention. And trying to balance these things with studying might lead to uncomfortable feelings that interfere with motivation. So you may need to find your motivation to keep you going.

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3. Make it a habit to study.

Good study habits are essential for you to succeed. If you want to study every day, you must make sure you develop good study habits. Work on developing any study habits you don’t already have. To effectively study every day, you need to do the following:

  • Set aside definite hours for learning.
  • Set explicit study goals for them.
  • Work on the most challenging assignment first.
  • Before commencing an assignment, they should go over their notes.
  • Over the weekend, they should go over their assignments.

4. Create a routine

Motivation is typically very short-lived. If there is no firm vision linked with it, it goes away over time. You will not have the same adrenaline surge after seeing a motivational video every day. The video technique might work for a little while, but it will fade away with time, just like any other external source of motivation. The idea is to create a routine that is driven by a sense of accountability and dedication.

The routine is influenced by your goals, visions, and everyday behaviors. Once you’ve established a habit, you won’t need a daily injection of motivation. Include these practices in your daily routine.

5. Find an accountability partner

It’s quite easy to talk yourself out of studying when you’re not motivated to study every day. The result of this is a negative attitude toward their studies and poor academic performance. Willpower can only take you so far. However, having an accountability partner can help you overcome a lack of motivation. Your accountability partner or partners will most likely be your classmates, or you can choose your family member and be accountable to him/her.

Having an accountability partner is useful for studying since they will force you to study and make you accountable for your time. They will help keep you on your toes. What you need to do is just tell them your goals, and ask them to keep checking on you to make sure you study.

6. Study a little daily

Understand that if you stop studying every day, you may encounter difficulties when you resume, and the volume of things to study may become large and overwhelming. So, to remedy this situation, divide your study periods into smaller, bite-sized chunks. By doing this, you will remove a mental barrier from your mind.
The second advantage of studying a little bit every day is that you build a study habit. Most of the time, we think of habits as negative things that we need to change or stop doing. However, you may form excellent habits that will benefit you in the future. A daily study practice is one of those behaviors.

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7. Remind yourself of the consequences of not studying regularly

Reminding yourself of what would happen if you don’t study can be a drive that makes you study every day. Imagine yourself having a test tomorrow and you are not prepared. Consider the consequences you will face: the pressure of an overnight study, the anxiety of such pressure. Surely it is not something you would want to happen.

Not studying every day can result in inadequate preparation for exams. So you may want to work yourself off a night to prepare for exams, which always result in terrible preparation and consequently bad grades, so you may want to remind yourself every day of the strain you will face if you don’t study every day. Doing this will motivate you to study every day.

8. Reward yourself

To keep yourself motivated to study every day, set a reward for yourself at the end of each study session. This can be as simple as obtaining a piece of your favorite snack at the end of each study session, checking Facebook or Instagram for 5 minutes, or taking a walk.

You may also create a nice prize for the end of each exam to recognize your efforts! Playing a video game with friends, taking a long bath, or purchasing something you’ve had your eye on. Do something you enjoy so that studying every day feels more significant.


One of the fundamental differences between good and mediocre students is their capacity to push themselves to study consistently every day, even when they are not compelled to do so. Using the approaches mentioned in this article can help you study every day, even if you aren’t feeling very motivated. I hope this post encourages you to study more every day.

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