How a college student can make money online (and offline) in 2022

How a college student can make money online (and offline) in 2022

You may be wondering how a college student can make money online? Is it possible for a college student to continue to learn while still earning money? Don’t worry. I’ll try to answer these questions in this post.
While there are many ways on how to make money online without paying anything as a student, you need to choose the right one so that you will not end up wasting your precious time working for a platform that will not pay you.
So in this post, I will share some of the most trusted ways on how a college student can make money online in 2022.

1. Obtain a Scholarship

As a student, a scholarship award is one of the most reliable ways to make money online. However, it differs from other ways of earning money since money is utilized to pay for your education rather than going into your savings account.

It would be best if you had a particular GPA to be eligible for a scholarship, and some scholarships may even demand aptitude tests. Others need you to be members of a specific organization or from the same geographical area.

You can find scholarship opportunities by following websites like,, etc.

2. Work as a dispatch rider.

You can work as a dispatch rider. Here, your job is basically to get goods or products and deliver them to customers for a fee. Customers pay you when you provide them with their product.

You need a smartphone, bicycle, motorcycle, or automobile to get started. And then apply for delivery services such as Deliveroo or DeFli Deliveries which are always looking for more clients. You can choose to work as you please and deliver food items from restaurants to customers’ doorstep. 

Expand your possibilities through direct contact with local eateries and larger chains like Dominos to inquire whether they have any delivery positions available.

You could also establish your delivery service and invite your classmates and friends to join. As in my Flimate, who has set up his own delivery company, DeFli Deliveries.

3. Donate your blood

Earning money by donating blood is the best way to earn without paying anything as a student. 

There are always patients who need your blood, whether you are O+ or B+. Take advantage of this chance to help save lives while also earning money.

You must first register as a blood donor at a hospital or clinic to start this business. If the hospital needs blood donors and your blood type matches the patient, you will always be requested to donate.

4. Donating of eggs and sperm

Very close to donating blood is the donation of sperm and eggs. Students and young, healthy adult can donate their sperm or eggs for cash.

Although donating sperm doesn’t pay much, it could be a modest boost to your earnings. On the other hand, donating one egg can get you a large sum of money, somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000. However, a significant amount of work is involved, and it is not easy.

5. Recycling of Bottles, Cans, and scrap metal

Recycling is another method to earn extra money as a student. Recycling cans and bottles are rewarded in several regions across the country. It’s hardly a lot of money, but full bags of cans can cost more. Furthermore, it aids in cleansing the surroundings and the cleanup of the region! 

Beyond the cans and bottles recycling, there is also the possibility of recycling scrap metal. There’s plenty of cash to be made from recycled scrap metal. However, it’s challenging to find recyclable materials. If you come across scrap metal or copper that you want to sell, you could be paid a substantial amount. All you need to do is to find a recyclable company that is ready to pay

There is also the option of recycling scrap metal in addition to cans and bottles. There’s a lot of money to be gained from recovered scrap metal, but finding recyclable materials is challenging. If you come across scrap metal or copper that you wish to sell, you might be able to get a good deal. 

6. Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn online money without paying anything. Affiliate marketing involves you recommending valuable products and services to people who need them and earning a commission.

To get started, you will need an online presence such as a blog, website, or an established online presence and then be willing to recommend products to your audience. You can also share your affiliate deals on social groups and forums. 

To go a step further, you can set up an Instagram or Facebook page, invite people to follow the page, and share your affiliate deals with them.

Some of the biggest affiliate marketing companies you can start with are, amazon affiliate, CJ, etc. 

7. Publish a Kindle eBook on Amazon 

Kindle Direct Publishing, also known as KDP, is’s ebook self-publishing platform launched in November 2007. It is a platform that allows author and publisher to publish their books directly on the kindle store and earn money.

As a student, getting started in this business won’t be difficult because you are made to write many essays and term papers in school. So, researching and publishing your book on amazon’s kindle store to make a profit would be a little easy.

But if you don’t like writing, you can get a book that has already been published in print and license it for online distribution. You might pay the author a 10-20% royalty based on net sales, or you could spend a one-time fee to get the rights to publish online.

8. Launch an online course

Creating and selling online courses can offer you a stream of passive income. You only need to create it once, and then you can sell as many as possible. So, if you like to teach and know a particular subject, you should think about offering your expertise in an online course.

One of the most challenging aspects of launching your online class is finding students, which is why Udemy and Skillshare can assist. They provide the students while you give the course. In exchange, they will receive a portion of your charge.

The advantage of online courses is that you can manage them with relatively little work once you’ve built them. You’ll have to update the material regularly. Aside from that, the course will function independently.

9. Be a Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is a typist who listens to live audio or recorded files and converts into text format what he/she hears. So, If you’re a fast typer and looking to earn money for typing and listening, then transcription work is ideal for you. 

Individuals who can transcribe podcasts into the text are needed in various sectors. Podcasters, for example, prefer to have their shows transcribed into text for posting on their blog. 

It’s simple to transcribe: put on headphones, listen to an audio file, and type it out. The compensation you earn as a transcriber is directly proportionate to the pace you type. Transcription labor is paid according to hours of audio, not the length of time you work.

10. Become a blogger

A blogger writes regularly for an online journal or blog to entertain, inspire or educate a particular audience. Becoming a blogger is one of the best ways to make money online.

Nowadays, it is easy to start a blog, thanks to the numerous DIY page builders and templates. To set up a blog, you will need to decide the blog name and niche, get it online by hosting it on a web host, and then choose a content management system and install, write, and promote your post.

Once your blog has become successful, you can now consider monetization; you can either monetize it through affiliate marketing, display advertising, or sponsored posting.

To get started, I highly recommend you enroll in a blogging course. You might choose a paid course like I did or a free course on Youtube.

11. Academic writing and freelance writing

Writing freelance is one of the most effective ways to earn money, especially for competent and quick writers. One way to get started is through writing for the blog.

Aside from writing for blogs, Many firms are looking for writers to help with various writing projects, ranging from general how-to content to technical brochure creation. If you want to write for other businesses, check out services like UpWork, which allows you to look for listings and submit applications for freelance writing positions.

If you’re proficient in academic writing, you may think about pursuing academic writing and assisting your classmates and other students with their research projects and term essays.

12. Start a youtube channel

Youtube is an online video sharing platform and a social media that rewards publishers/content creators for their work. According to the latest statistics, youtube has over 2 billion monthly active users. As a YouTuber, you can tap into this platform and make huge money.

As a YouTuber, you can make money in so many ways. You can make money through advertisement, affiliate sales, merchandise, crowdfunding, licensing, and sponsorships. The list is endless. A YouTuber on the youtube partners program makes $18 per 1000 views. 

To get started, you need to choose a niche, create a channel, customize your channel and start creating content with your content calendar in mind. Lastly, you promote your channel, which could be through advertising, networking, or cross-promoting.

So if you have an interest in video making, becoming a YouTube blogger can be an excellent opportunity to earn some extra cash even when you’re at the school. 

13. Develop an App

An app is a short form for an application. It is computer software that is small and specific for mobile devices. As a student, if you already have some coding or programming skills, creating an app is an excellent opportunity for you to hone your skills and make money.

However, if you have little or no coding experience, there are many beginner-friendly app builders to assist you in constructing mobile apps. For example, builders like apple pie, AppInstitute, and Mobincube may help you create apps with little to no programming skills.

The world has gone mobile, and creating an app is one of the ways to profit from this rapid digitalization. Create paid apps or sell them to other businesses to make money online. Alternatively, Launch a free app on the App Store or Google Play Store and monetize it with in-app adverts.

14. Start a tutoring business

Tutoring is a business module that allows you to a small group of people either voluntarily or through paid means.

Starting a tutoring business is a profitable endeavor that allows you to live a flexible and straightforward lifestyle. The best aspect is that you may start a teaching business in almost any country.

One customer tip: Offer discounts to those who promote your service. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most powerful marketing techniques you can use to start your tutoring journey. has a comprehensive list of the best tutoring jobs on the internet, so you can apply and start earning extra income.


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