How to approach a girl for friendship in school

How to approach a girl for friendship in school

The process of learning how to approach a girl for friendship while at school might be rather intimidating; nevertheless, if done correctly and with the right person in mind, it can be a lot of fun.

The following are some suggestions to help you get started:

How to approach a girl for friendship in school tips

1. Compliment

Ask her how her day is going; doing that will show that you are attracted to her life. Most people enjoy chatting about themselves, so she will likely salute the opportunity and be flattered that you asked. You can approach her and say, “Hey, how’s your day going so far?”.

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2. Build a good  beginning

Do not be in haste to meet the lady immediately; instead, check out her free time and try to strike into her sometimes or notice her interests and get involved there. For instance, if she’s in a library, you can join too and create an avenue to meet, make eye contact and don’t just turn away but smile, greet her when you pass by, and be nice to her.

There’s a slight risk involved in this stage, and it is being friend-zoned. In trying to build a beginning, do not get close enough to be perceived as a friend. Otherwise, the lady will begin to think of you as a friend and may feel betrayed when you eventually come out with your real intention, or she may not even take you seriously. It is always better to remain the mysterious knight in shining armor (mysterious, not creepy) as this will hold her interest, more like a suspenseful story.

3. Be alert

It is essential to stare at and take note of the supervening circumstances in the location where the girl is at the moment and where you plan to approach her so that you can use those events to your advantage to start a conversation easily. For instance, you might be at a cafeteria with a long queue.

You can get whatever you’ve noticed she likes, but if she’s with her friends, this might not be the best course of action because even if you get what she wants, she might not want to leave her friends in the line, which means you’ll miss the chance to talk to her.

On this issue, it’s also important to watch out for the woman’s signals; notice if she’s at ease and grinning or tense and furious, and determine if she’s too busy to have a stranger—or a semi-stranger, as the case may be—interrupt her day. All these will go a long way to determine the success of your attempt at conversation or actual conversation.

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4. Move toward her confidently but be chill

It’s time to approach the lady after the first two steps above or the second step alone. No one wants to listen to anyone interrupting their day and starting with a stutter. You should do everything in your power to project confidence. Give yourself a pep talk; imagine that you are going to a job interview with a salary of $10 million per month.

Then, adopt the confidence you would need to get the job; however, to avoid overdoing it or coming across as arrogant, you should also be in your element, be yourself, and speak as though you are singing your best tune. Still, with no stutter in your voice, your head held high and constant eye contact.

5. Position her at relief

Based on the various situations people find themselves in and the uncertainty issues of the nation and the world, confidence issues are very real today. Normally, when you approach a girl, she becomes suspicious and apprehensive with a million bad thoughts about what you may want with her, which would cause her defences to be up; therefore, to get a girl to listen to you, she must feel safe in your presence.

You can do this by looking less shady; avoid wearing hoodies or face caps, masks or heavily shaded glasses when approaching a lady for the first time.

Additionally, avoid approaching her from the side or out of nowhere as if you’re going to attack; instead, approach directly from the front. Also, try to keep your hands out in plain sight rather than in your pocket so that it doesn’t appear as if you could suddenly draw a weapon. Lastly, even if you think it’s a joke, stay away from conversations that border on violence; instead, stick to topics that are more appropriate for pedestrians.

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6. Esteem her time

Avoiding rude behavior is highly recommended when attempting to win over a woman. When someone explicitly states that they are busy, it is unpleasant and somewhat annoying to keep trying to speak with them. This is especially true when it is obvious that they are actually busy. Even if it is not the case, do not press the woman if she “claims” to be busy; instead, try again later.

7. Receiving her contact

It is a turn-off for many people if you want to get their contact upon meeting them, but it’s also not much of a big deal to others, but to be in a safe space, if you’re sure that you will bump into the lady in question again then wait until another meeting to get her contact and further the conversation from there but if there’s no much chance of meeting the lady again then ask for her contact to be able to reach her and continue your discussion later.

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8. Inquire her out

If you overcome all the stages above, you will have the girl as your friend even if she knows you want more. Always let them know you want more than friendship if that’s your intention to escape the friend zone, and then ask her out for your first date.

Your first date should be informal and relaxed rather than formal but depending on what you think the lady wants and try to avoid all inappropriate behavior. Also, a first date should never be at your house or hostel if you’re a student.

10. Be a sportsman about denial

It is not each time that we get what we want, and if you ask a girl out and she says no, the issue must not be from you. Perhaps she isn’t yet ready for a relationship. However, this does not imply that you shouldn’t attempt talking to another girl you like and keep your confidence up no matter what happens. If we falter or lose, we will bounce back stronger and more advanced.


The advise given above is about how to approach a girl at school for friendship. But, to summarize, the most crucial thing is to be yourself; don’t pretend to be someone you’re not; doing so will backfire.

If these techniques are performed properly, becoming friends with ladies at school should be quite easy. Thank you for your time!

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