How to approach a girl in college

Most students find it tough to approach a girl in college because they lack the right words and confidence to do so. Of course, approaching a girl in college is unlike any other situation since doing it wrong might ruin everything for you. Before approaching any lady in college, you should know a few things about the female gender. Most of the time, you will have to think like them, knowing the fundamental things every girl wants, such as honesty, caring, being well dressed, and many more. The following are general guidelines on approaching a girl in college.

Be at ease.
Before making any move, be relaxed and maintain a low energy level, which allows you to have a fluent conversation. Also, make sure that the girl you are about to approach is not in a hurry to go somewhere, then you can start with small talk with her to see if she is interested in you and wants you to stay for a while if she is not interested, then leave and meet someone else.

The right words
It is the same everywhere; there is no ideal phrase to start a discussion that will provide positive results every time since every woman is different in what she likes and desires. When approaching ladies, remember to go up to her and make a brief introduction, then complement anything you like about her, such as her hair, clothing, or skin. This is done to lighten her day.

Small group discussion
The purpose of the day is to get her attention, so start a discussion like, “Hello, do you happen to know the office of Mr. or Mrs.?” or  You can approach her and say, “Hey, how are you?” I’m so and so, and I wanted to find out what your major was. “Dear, what is your name?” can strike up a simple discussion such as “Hello, I’ve never seen such a gorgeous face around here; I presume you’re new here.” Then please introduce yourself; what is your name?” This is particularly important if this is your first time approaching a girl in college. In this manner, there is no reason for her to reject such a good and friendly person like you, and before you realize it, you are chatting some intriguing chit-chat. It is never easy to strike up a conversation with a gorgeous lady, but if you follow these guidelines, your chance of striking up a reasonable conversation will be high.

The direct approach
This method cuts down on time because it requires you to approach the women in college in a direct manner, but be prepared to be rejected at times because you intend to make your intentions clear from the start. Things like, “Hello, I am sure you are new here, but the moment I saw you, I thought you were adorable and wanted to meet you.
Tell her your name, then “what’s your name” well as direct as it is, you will be rejected most times because, at that moment, some women might not be interested in meeting you because of so many things, don’t take it personally, just learn to walk away.  Most individuals prefer the straightforward approach since they don’t have time to make small conversations. However, if this is your first time, it is best to begin with a simple conversation; you must improve before employing the direct approach strategy to prevent rejection.

The Quick technique
For starters, the above method is recommended, but there is another way of approaching women in college that guarantees a positive outcome almost every time. This method is not for everyone, but if you want an unforgettable experience while getting laid every day, then attend party. This is a quick strategy for people who are not frightened of chatting to ladies; nevertheless, it is not for everyone since they do not take rejection personally. Above all, college parties are where the great things and the fun are. Simply get to meet some nice college buddies who are also confident and lively, and then select a fantastic spot where you will be astonished to approach some gorgeous-looking ladies.


What you should keep in mind
For novices, tons of small chat is required to overcome the fear of rejection finally. The strategy is to go about campus, introduce yourself to every beautiful female who catches your eye, and begin by saying something like, “Hello! Have you made arrangements for a wonderful party this Saturday night? I believe you should come along; it’ll be a lot of fun! Plus, you get to meet a lot of cool people!”

Talk to as many people as possible; you’ll be surprised to see a lot of ladies (since you’ve chatted to and invited them) and some very cool guys. And before you know it, your days of learning how to approach a lady in college will be a distant memory.



Finally, don’t be concerned if you are denied the first few times or even a few times. Everyone, particularly beginners, sometimes faces rejection, but we must learn as we go. The fact is that you should not take rejection personally; instead, you should learn to move on each time you are rejected. Go to other girls; the worst thing you can do is give up after a try. Take it or leave it, the people who achieve success are the ones who keep going, whether they are rejected or not. College campuses are unquestionably the best location to begin since many new people are looking for friends and relationships.

Go out there, meet some cool pals, and leverage your social talents to obtain fantastic results.

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