How to avoid someone at school

9 Tips on how to avoid someone at school

It is not always simple to manage relationships; sometimes, the best solution is to just move away from the person for an extended period of time. Though it is not a permanent solution since you must resolve your issue with the individual you are avoiding, here are some ideas to assist you in avoiding someone at school.

How to avoid someone at school

1. Consider your options carefully before proceeding.

Definitely, for your own peace of mind, being around toxic individuals is not always advised. Therefore the first thing you will have to do is analyze how vital it is to eliminate the person from your life; for little annoyances, it is recommended to have a thorough rethink about this. However, if you believe that your relationship with this individual is impacting the quality of your life, a less drastic approach is advised.

If the person is very bothersome and you don’t think it’s a good idea to hang out with them for the time being, it’s best to stop talking to them, stop returning their calls, and doing so will convey the message and is a terrific strategy to avoid someone at school.

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2. Tell them you don’t want to talk to them anymore.

This is quite a difficult discussion to have, considering the hurt that comes afterward, but it is often preferable, and this is how you get to do this. Be as calm as possible about the way things are even as you decide to avoid that person at school, don’t even consider blaming the person or being angry with the person.

Just be calm and okay with the decision you are about to carry out, have a conversation, tell them while you decide to avoid them and then leave right away, make it as quick as possible, and don’t let yourself get drawn into a lengthy conversation, and ensure that you are completely sure of your decision before you leave. Even though it is difficult for some individuals, everyone has the freedom to avoid someone they do not want to be with.

3. Cut off all communication channels.

It is necessary to cut all lines of communication after having this conversation with the person, avoid texting the person, and not call or sit next to them, especially when in class. Sitting on a different seat is recommended after you have told them your intentions and that you don’t want to spend time with them anymore. Ensure to follow through on your statement so as not to make the process much more difficult, and do not be rude or hateful to the person.

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4. If necessary, get a court order

A court order is required in circumstances of menace; if the individual is genuinely a threat to you or the people around you, a court order is required to legally prohibit them from approaching you in any way. This is only considered if the situation is grave, so if you really feel threatened, there is no other alternative except to get a court order.

5. Stay clear from a toxic person

To avoid such a person, you must avoid areas where they are most likely to be, particularly their favorite hangout, and you must have a list of such person’s favorite hangout joints on hand at all times so that you can avoid such places.

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6. Examine your daily routine

Avoiding someone brings with it an intense moment for both of you, especially if you happen to carry out some routine together, such as going to the same coffee shop as you. The way out of this will be to check another coffee shop for a few weeks, and sure this has to be a routine because you will definitely need to stop using the same coffee shop. Switching up your routine is the best idea to enable you to see less of this person.

7. Ignore the person

Avoid any type of contact with this person in order to avoid any signal that might entice them to come to have a conversation with you, and it’s best to start acting as if you haven’t seen them, and if you keep bumping into each other, just nod your head as you walk past them because they definitely exist but don’t start a conversation.

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8. Avoid doing anything that may force you to be alone with this individual.

You are aware of this most of the time, particularly if this person is a colleague or peer, but you can avoid being with them in groups and avoid remaining late at your workplace if they are also there. If you’re going to a party and you know they’ll be there, it’s best to remain in a room with a lot of other people to avoid confrontation or having a discussion with the person.

9. Be firm with your escape plan.

Definitely, they will want to keep talking back to you even if you tell them you don’t want to interact with them. Having an escape route to this is a great way out, such as if the person comes to talk to you, be direct but try not to offend the person, and if they still won’t leave you alone, develop an excuse every time until the person stops coming.

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Finally, make the most of every minute of your life; even if you have to adjust your routine somewhat to avoid meeting this person, don’t allow this person drastically disrupt your life, and don’t be terrified of continuously bumping into this person. Because you have a negative connection with this individual, you do not have to entirely alter the way you live your life.

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