How to be a first-class student at the University

How to be a first-class student at the University

Who is a first-class student?

A first-class student is simply a student that normally scores above 70% on tests and exams. Their CGPA usually lies between 4.5 to 5.0 or 3.5- 4.00. Becoming a first-class student will require you to put in some extra effort. In this blog post, you will learn how to be a first-class student.

How to be a first-class student at the University

The idea of becoming a first-class student is definitely not a bad one for students who aspire to have one, considering the benefits that come with it. Having an average of around 70 percent or above in your exam score will definitely make this dream a reality, but the fact is don’t pursue it if is not really important to you because it can be demanding and you must be really prepared for the stress that comes with it.

For those who so desire to become first-class students in their school, here is how you get to do that.

1. Know what works for you

The first step to becoming a first-class student is to understand yourself, know what works for you, and understand your capacity. For example, some students may get by with just three hours of reading a day and yet flourish academically and even become class leaders. For others, reading for that long every day is a must.

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2. Start preparing for exams and tests early

You won’t have a lot of spare time when you’re at college between classes and extracurriculars. The most important thing you can do if you really want to be a first-class student is to prepare for a test and start studying early. Leaving all of your studying until the night before a major exam is a certain recipe for disaster.

You panic under pressure and don’t do as well as you would if you’d given yourself more time to prepare. If you put in some study time throughout the semester, you’ll finish stronger than if you waited until the final minute.

3. Make friends with other first-class students

Even if you’re normally a very motivated person, there will always be times when you need a little more push. Having first-class friends is a great idea since you’ll always have someone to remind you of who you want to become. First-class students are known to be studious, so having them as friends will influence you to study harder.

It’s also a good idea to make friends with other first-class students in your class. It will make the work much more fun, and having intellectual conversations with them is a terrific way to grow as a person.

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4. It’s important to make notes during lectures.

If you want to be among the top students in your class, it is important for you to take notes. Taking notes in class will make your revision more smooth which will ultimately result in you getting good grades and maintaining your first-class status.

5. Attend all classes including seminars

While others can simply skip a lecture because it is not interesting, you must make every effort to attend whether it is interesting or not. Attending your lectures, especially the boring ones, and seminars will greatly help you during your studies by reducing the number of hours you need to spend.

It will also help you understand and recall the course material more easily, and you won’t miss out on any extra tips that may be given in class regarding better preparation for your exams as well as how to get those assignments done.

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6. Develop positive relationships with your professors.

Most of the time, what you really need to become a first-class student is a good relationship with your tutors. Although it will take some effort, you would be wise to get to know your tutors better than the other students.

There are numerous ways to communicate with your tutors aside from approaching them during their office hours; however, approaching your professors during these hours is not such a bad idea; you can stop by their office and ask for assistance if you are having difficulty in any area.

Having a good understanding of what your professors are looking for, whether in your homework, test, or exams, is a good way to prepare for them. Knowing what is expected of you allows you to approach them with a clear goal of what you hope to achieve.

7. Study to the best of your ability.

There is a slim chance of excelling in school if you avoid the necessary study. However, at the start of each module, you will be given a list of required readings, which must be taken seriously, especially if you want to become a first-class student. Examine the entire reading list, which you will undoubtedly find useful later on, whether in answering a question or completing an assignment.

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8. Get enough rest.

Most students overlook the significance of sleep to their studies and brain function. Many behavioral studies indicate that getting enough quality sleep each night has a significant impact on your learning and memory which is a critical aspect of first-class students. Though most students argue against it, the fact remains that getting enough sleep helps students absorb information without stress and recall that information later on.

9. Set a goal

Setting the goal of belonging to the group of students who have a CGPA of 3.5 to 4.0 should be done as soon as you arrive on campus, this will ensure that you get everything right from the beginning.

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10. Create a good study routine to assist you in studying every day.

Most of the time, the only hard work that is required is daily studying; however, getting a good grade in school will require you to put some effort into studying. And if you want to be a first-class student at university, you must make time, regardless of your busy schedule, to open your books and study; this may be the only secret you need to realize your dream.

In conclusion

So much information has been provided in this article in order for the reader to be a first-class university student, among which the reader must attend every single class as mentioned above and, finally, make time for personal and intense study.

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