How to be a good student in class

How to be a good student in class

Most of the time, studying is not enough to achieve academic success. Your attitude and actions influence your performance; anyone can be a good student in class if he is willing to work hard.

This blog post will provide you with a list of healthy habits that will help you succeed as a good student in class.

How to be a good student in class

1. Love what you do

Before you can put your best foot forward on anything, you must first ensure that you truly desire it; this will help you develop the love that will keep you going. Similarly, in school, the best way to maintain your enthusiasm for your studies is to carefully select your course, ensuring that it is what you truly want to study. This will allow you to enjoy every minute of the class by paying close attention to your teachers.

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2. Have a positive mindset

An optimistic student, even when faced with challenges that test her patience and abilities, will always be courageous to face and overcome those challenges. Instead of just thinking about your problems, take action to solve them. They should be viewed as a test and an opportunity to bring out the best in you.

3. Have confidence in yourself.

Every student must have faith in themselves. This is a habit that will serve you well not only in school, but throughout your life. Be bold to stand and speak up in front of a small or large class to share your ideas, and strive to be the best that you can be.

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4. In school, hang out with the right people.

Most of the time, it is impossible to survive without someone on whom to rely. Friends can influence your attitude whether in or out of class, which is why it is critical to choose the right friends. Find friends who can help you become more responsible not only in your studies but also in your attitude. This is a great way to be on your best behavior in class.

5. Pay attention in class.

One method by which students become distracted in class is by frequently looking at their watch during class, which takes away their focus. One of the habits of a good student in a class is good listening skills. This ability must be developed and improved.

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6. Excellent goal-setting

Goal setting helps you to complete your task on time, and you should be clear about your goals in school so that when you walk through the school gate, you know exactly what you want to accomplish. This will motivate you to give your all and ensure that you reach your goal.

7. Prepare by reading ahead of time.

Do some reading if you’re having trouble with a particular subject. And make it a habit to always read a topic ahead of time before the next class; this will help you become more invested in it and will allow you to focus more in class.

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8. Be punctuality.

Every teacher enjoys seeing their students arrive early to school and wait for lectures. It motivates tutors to do their best when teaching you, and it demonstrates that you enjoy learning from them. Missing a lesson is never an option, as it will create a gap, especially if you have just begun learning about a new concept.

9. Take part in activities.

Extracurricular activities are necessary to maintain a balance in your academic and non-academic activities. Though you must study in order to get good grades, school is not about reading.

To live a fulfilling life, you must strike a balance between your studies and your social activities. Success is measured not only in your academics but also in your extracurricular activities, so break the ice and get out of your classroom to participate in a variety of exciting activities right at your school.

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10. Go to the library and read something.

The best way to educate yourself is still to read, and not just to read for the sake of reading; instead, try to understand what you read; this will make it much easier to remember. Go to the library to study during your free time. Borrow books from the librarian and return them the next day if possible.

11. Be motivated.

Going to school without a reason, without a sense of motivation and inspiration, is the most difficult thing any student can face. Give yourself the motivation you need to get started; this will make it easier for you to obtain the things you desire.

12. Take the front seat.

There are numerous advantages for those who normally sit in front of the class, one of which is that you can clearly hear every word that the teacher says, making it easier to understand.

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13. Examine your previous lessons.

Make it a habit to scan your notes before going to bed so that you are prepared for the surprise quizzes the next day. Also, the best way to begin preparing for an upcoming exam.


There is nothing to lose by behaving well in class; it is part of what will lead you to be the best student in your school. Let go of the negative habits and begin to be a good student in class.

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