How to be a good student leader in school

The academic environment function effectively if it has its leader, being a good student leader in school gives you the ability to make a good decision; also a student leader is expected to be an excellent learner who sometimes offers other fellow students guidance. This article offers the necessary guide for those who wish to be a good student leader in the school.

How to be a good student leader in school tips

1. Good classroom etiquette

Appointing a student leader in school requires some responsibilities, including good classroom behavior. Being a good student leader begins in the classroom, with a desire to learn and set good examples for other students; sit near the front, ask questions, and take good notes.

2. Improve your fundamental abilities.

Basic skills, such as reading, and writing, are the foundations for all other learning. A good practice of these skills in various classes is a way to improve; for example, proofreading, correcting, rewriting, or editing in general, which is an important part of the writing process. When practicing your basic skills, you mostly get to expand your vocabulary by looking up the world.

3. Organize your studies.

Because of the responsibilities that come with being a student leader, organizing your study is a good way to manage your time. To be effective, you must organize your activities using any known method: you must track your homework using checklists or mobile apps to notify yourself of deadlines, and you must also schedule your study time so that you do not lose sight of it. Find a well-organized and quiet place to study so that you can concentrate without distractions and unnecessary noise.

4. Be social

Being sociable in school can be difficult, but it is important to make friends as a student leader. It can be helpful to join clubs or organizations or to join groups of people who share your interests. It is also important to be social because sometimes your success as a student leader depends on how you can communicate with your friends. So don’t be afraid of making new friends. Remember, to be approachable. 

5. Get the support you need

It is not possible to learn everything on your own; instead, becoming a good student leader requires you to understand how to use the people and resources around you to achieve success. To be successful as a leader, you need to have the support of your team. You need to be able to trust them. One of the best ways to build trust with your team is to be open and honest with them. Make sure that you are always communicating your goals and objectives, and be sure to let them know when you need their help.

Furthermore, make sure that you have a clear vision for your team and the company as a whole. This will help your team to understand what they are working towards.

6. Be intelligent

Being intelligent as a good student leader not only commands respect but lets other students see you as a leader who is deserving of it, as opposed to having a leader who does not strive for excellent academic performance. Fortunately, good student leaders are also committed learners, as they always employ the most effective methods and tools. And they are eager to share their progress with others and help others to achieve their goals. For instance, if your team was given an assignment by your professor, you should be able to guide others intelligently to perform that assignment. 

7. Be confident

Without confidence, it is impossible to become an effective leader. This is the pinnacle of the leadership success formula. Even though there is no written code of conduct for leaders, confidence is a silent quality that compels others to follow. Other students feel this exceptional drive when they are guided by such a confident leader, which helps them to build good relationships and productive environments.

8. Be attentive

A good student leader prioritizes being friends with others first. Part of leadership includes sharing learning experiences and life tools as needed. Every student leader is aware of the pressures that most students face, such as the need to purchase affordable school supplies. A good student leader should understand the difficulties of other students and offer the best solution. A good student leader should be goal-oriented, hardworking, diligent, and a good listener by nature. Having a student leader with these qualities inspires others to study and improve their grades.

9. Authoritative

Acquiring authority is necessary for addition to trust-based and caring relationships; by doing so, a leader is taken seriously by other students, who are forced to follow your recommendations due to your authoritative ability. They also consider you fit enough when they require information from the administration or have a case to bring to the administration’s office.

10. Be humble

Being a leader by default makes you popular, attracts attention, expands your social circles, and, of course, puts you ahead of others. However, a good student leader does not overlook someone else’s accomplishments simply because the student is not a leader. True, a leader’s success is not expressed in words, but rather in the loyalty of his followers.


Becoming a good student leader entails combining various methods of expressive and practical skills, and to begin this journey, a good student leader must be proactive, as well as observe other students’ concerns or hesitation, and offering help and support. Above all, being a good student leader necessitates a solid foundation of academic skills, as discussed above, as well as emotional skills, which are an important factors in any leadership. It is important to note that at some point, you must be prepared to deal with stress or criticism, as well as maintain your exposure when things go wrong and be willing to accept new points of view by devoting time to selecting other student suggestions.

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