How to be more popular in high school

9 Tips on how to be more popular in high school

Navigating the social world of high school may be an overwhelming and often daunting experience, but don’t let it bring you down; instead, begin to embrace the person you genuinely are and learn to make others feel at ease in your company. This will keep you on track to becoming more popular in high school. Looking for ways to be more popular? Then this article is for you.

How to be more popular in high school

1. Be real

Being fake is disgusting to your friends, there is nothing worse than that, it is better for your friends to like you for who you truly are, be confident enough in who you truly are and know that you are an amazing person with a lot to offer, this will even make you attract a diverse group of interesting people, be direct at all times and don’t tell people what you think they want to hear so that they get to like you, and most importantly avoid bragging just to make people like you.

Rather, having a true friend is always worth the effort; gradually open up and allow others get to know who you actually are and what genuinely matters to you; there is no joy in pretending to be someone you have no idea about; it is simply like putting up a farce for the greatest part of your life.

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2. Be genuine in your kindness.

A grin on your face to the individuals you know in the hallways, even to those who want to reach out to you, is something no one wants to associate with. Take off your pride, it’s a turn off, and don’t act like you’re better than them; becoming more popular in high school requires people to remember your good side rather than your bad side, but don’t be too nice so that people don’t end up using you, and don’t even consider acting like some of those mean people to be popular; it won’t get you very far.

To be really kind, you must be courteous and well-mannered, which includes holding doors for people, making space for  people strolling down the hallways, greeting your friends and those you know, and maintaining a friendly demeanor even when you are not in a good mood.

But don’t forget to put yourself first, no matter how popular you believe others are, and be polite to everyone, not only popular people or those who you believe can place you someplace, simply so you have a good reputation among everyone.

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3. Stand up for yourself at all times, but especially when necessary

To truly make genuine friends, don’t let people walk all over you; instead, learn to stick to your guns and know when to defend yourself; this will earn you respect and give you a better chance of making new friends and gaining popularity; don’t be nice to people just to make them like you; it won’t get you very far and certainly won’t earn you any respect.

And if someone is being mean to you by making you feel bad about yourself or always putting you down for no reason, it is time to stand up and tell that person that his or her actions are unacceptable.

4. Be willing to meet new people

The best way to make friends easily depends on how friendly you are in approaching new people and engaging in small talk with them regardless of the grade they are in, also learn to take it slow and not choke them up especially if they look busy.

Opportunity will always present itself to talk to someone new and when it does make the best use of it by engaging in easy stuff like talking about your classes, hobbies, or the type of music you prefer, you can go further by asking some easy question just to show that you truly care and keep the serious stuff for later discussion when you get to fully know each other.

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5. Have Several Friendship Groups

It is essential to have numerous groups of friends in high school in order to be more popular. Having close friends on whom you can trust can assist you in getting through difficult situations. However, making friends with individuals who are different from you is equally vital. This will allow you to extend your horizons and become more popular. It will also help you feel more at ease in social circumstances.

It is not necessary to be best friends with everyone, but having a few close friends on whom you can trust is essential. This way, if one of your pals loses popularity, you still have others to fall back on.

6. Participate in Extracurricular Activities

Get active in extracurricular activities if you want to be more popular in high school. Sports and clubs are examples of activities that take place outside of the classroom. They may help you become more fascinating and likable to your peers, as well as develop connections that will continue throughout your high school career.

To make a big contribution, you don’t have to be an amazing athlete or a member of the most popular club. There are plenty additional opportunities to get involved and make a difference. Find something that intrigues you and pursue it wholeheartedly. You’ll be astonished at how much it may improve your social life and future employment opportunities.

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7. have an interest in others

One important thing to remember is that in order to be truly popular in high school, you don’t always have to talk about yourself. Bragging isn’t really a criterion if you want to be popular in high school; instead, show a genuine interest in other people, ask them questions, and leave them with the impression that you care about them. You don’t always have to fake it, and if possible, don’t fake it at all.


In today’s high school, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. It seems like everyone is trying to be popular nowadays. However, being popular doesn’t mean you have to suck all of the energy out of life. The tips highlighted in this article will get you to become more popular in high school.

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