How to be super cool in school

9 Ways on how to be super cool in school

Ever feel like no matter how hard you try to be cool in school, you’re just not getting the results you want? What if there was a way that you could be super cool at school and get the respect you deserve? This blog post talks about the strategies of how you can be super cool in school.

How to be super cool in school

1. Be confident

If you want to be super cool in school, start by being confident. Be your own person and don’t try to fit into a mold that someone else has created for you. Be yourself and let others know who you are. Be genuine and authentic, and people will eventually come around.

And remember: you don’t have to be perfect; just try your best!

When you walk into school, be confident. Smile and hold your head high. Don’t be afraid to speak up or ask questions.
Finally, avoid being too shy or introverted. Schools are supposed to be welcoming environments for everyone, so make an effort to get to know your classmates and share your interests. Be friendly, and people will soon come around!

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2. Have a sense of humor

No one is immune to stress and boredom, and sometimes the best way to deal with those feelings is through jokes and humor. Not only will this make you seem more approachable and likable, but it’ll also help to lighten the mood and ease any tension that might be building, and make you a super cool person in school.

3. Make friends with people who are popular

Becoming friends with popular people is one way to be cool. Immediately you start rolling around with popular students. People will start taking notice of you. It is better sometimes to start with a person with lower popularity and work your way up.

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4. Make friends who share your interests

When it comes to making friends in school, it’s helpful to find friends who share your interests. This way, you can talk about things that interest you, and you’ll both be more likely to stay close. Many schools have social clubs that focus on specific topics or hobbies. If you don’t see a club that matches your interests, try starting one!

5. Make friends with lots of people

You don’t need to focus on one popular clique that may lead you to not associating or making friends with other people. With so many people in your school, do well to be nice to everyone so that more people will get to know you, and the more people you befriend, the more super cool you become; take note of your first impression because this always counts.

Make friends with the students on the soccer team, the drama team, and the rock band. Making friends with many people from different cliques will not only make you popular but also give you a sense of belonging.

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6. Attend parties

Ask around who throws the best parties and ensure to attend, if possible, with a group of friends, but do well to mingle and meet people. Also, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy yourself while at parties, and stay away from drugs since it is illegal.

7. Be nice and sincere to people

It can be hard to stand out in school, but there are ways to make yourself more interesting and popular. One way is to be nice and sincere to people. Be willing to help someone when they need it, and be respectful of others. Doing this will make you a liked and respected member of the school community.

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8. Dress well

If you want to be super cool in school, you need to dress well. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothes, but you do need to look stylish. You can get stylish clothes at a discount store or by buying used clothes. You should also avoid wearing the same clothes every day.


It can be hard to stand out from the crowd, but being confident, having a sense of humor, and making a lot of friends both in your clique and outside of your clique, among other things, can make you a super cool student in school.

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