How To Be The Best Student In Mathematics

How To Be The Best Student In Mathematics

Math is a fascinating subject that needs lots of practice to be good at it, though it is not easy most times, especially when there is no solid foundation which sometimes has a significant effect on your skills.

This post will discuss this topic. However, it is really about your attitude. It makes no difference where you are today, and even if you are in one of the lowest grades, you may rise to the top and astound everyone if you follow the seven principles outlined below.

How To Be The Best Student In Mathematics tips

1. Attitude

Attitude is critical because if you want to be the best in the subject, you must change how you see it, regardless of what others say. You must let go of all those negative images in your head and say, “I want to know this subject because whether you like it or not, there are experts in the subject, and if they can be so good, you should be too.” It will go a long way toward piquing your interest in the subject.

2. Love the Subject

To excel in math, you need to love the subject; this will help you create time to keep studying and improving because math is all about practicing and solving questions, and without love for the subject, you can never excel in it.

Developing time for study and practice will be easier if you enjoy the subject. And as your brain improves, know that it can be frustrating when you don’t understand a particular problem. Still, your passion for it will drive you to want to find an answer by repeatedly attempting the question or meeting with a tutor or a friend who is a little better. By doing so, you will see how far you have progressed.

3. Create time for study

The fact is that without enough time to practice, you might never be good at math. Math is a subject that is different from all other subjects it needs a series of practice, lots of questions to be solved and only by creating time can you get good results there are times you have to attend tutorials at times you study with friends and other times you get old questions to be better grounded and only time can get these done.

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4. Understand a given topic and solve various questions on it

This makes the work a little easier when solving exercises. For every topic taught, get a good understanding, and if you are not, at the end of the class, meet a brighter student to put you through the difficult part, and at the end of the lectures, create time to solve various problems if possible get some old questions and attempt to give you a better understanding, of course, you can always meet your tutor or someone that knows more to guide you on your weakness on doing this make sure that you are learning and improving as well most times you have to go over a topic more than once for better understandings.

Please note the key to becoming the best in mathematics is to solve a series of problems or exercises, not just easy once but hard once, even harder once, and don’t be intimidated to ask for clarity as everyone needs it sometimes.

5. Be confident in your solving as well as answers

Everyone at one point has this fear factor if they are doing the right thing, especially when it comes to solving mathematical problems, one way to go about this is to get the necessary knowledge in class from your tutor and also classmates, ask the necessary questions when in class and start by solving easy questions to build your confidence after which get materials on the internet, photocopy from friends also attend tutorials on solving difficult questions to add to what you already know and most cases give you more than one idea of solving a particular question, do your homework alone.

In schools, you can compel answers from the brighter students to get the necessary corrections you need but be confident whenever you are studying alone, understand every single step of the complex once, and get a pen to solve it the way it is by doing so your brain is taking note. With regular practice, you become better, just like the others.

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6. Solves questions with your fellow students who are quit better

This is one of the ways to widen your intellect. Make sure you understand how to go about some challenging topics and solve hard questions. Make sure to create time to study with your fellow students consistently, get some hard questions you know that are beyond your ability, and make sure you have a better understanding at that moment. You can solve it alone several times. By doing this, you are much better, and you will discover that you have become the best student you desire.

7. Look for someone to teach.

The reason this is recommended is that it helps you understand even better. You don’t know something until you can teach someone. It can be your best friend or someone you are better than. You can always check your note for reference purposes. Do not be in a hurry when teaching to avoid making mistakes. Take your time; you are better now and much more knowledgeable as well, and by doing this, you will be surprised by the confidence you have built over the time of learning to be the best student in math.


In conclusion, to be good at math takes a lot of practice; as it was said earlier, you have to love it and make sure you are having fun so that it won’t be boring. Before you can ever excel, you need to be determined to be the best, and don’t forget that determination comes with hard work.

Most times, you have to make lots of sacrifices like reducing your social activities and favorite channel and creating time to study, practice attend tutorials, mainly because that is the wonder of it all, do your homework, search for a better knowledge, and most importantly, solve lots of questions by doing this there is no way that you will not become the very best in your study

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