How to become a topper in a competitive exam

Topping a competitive exam as a student is possible with some good habits, some of which are listed below.

How to become a topper in a competitive exam

1. Attend every class.

If you are proficient in each chapter, you have a good chance of succeeding in a competitive exam. Whether in school or a coaching class, the best way to get the most out of it and become familiar with every detail is to attend every class and participate in every activity.

This is one of the skills you must master in order to excel in competitive exams. Attending your classes on a consistent basis will help you master each skill required to attempt a question in each subject, as well as ensure that you are up to date on all of the topics listed in the curriculum.

Meeting this skill will rely heavily on your ability to plan, making it the most important habit to develop and maintain if you want to be a top performer in competitive exams. You must create plans that are more fulfilling and less chaotic. When doing so, take note of your strengths as well as your weaknesses in order to create an effective timetable that you can stick to.

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2. Study hard

The foremost step to becoming a topper is to study hard. Make sure you are spending enough time studying for your exams. This means that you must be able to focus and get the most out of your studying sessions.

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3. Practice

The more you practice, the better you will be able to perform in your exams. This means taking practice exams and quizzes, as well as doing mock exams. This will help you to get a feel of what the exams is about.

And help boost your confidence. Practicing with past papers will help you analyze the areas that require additional study as well as give you an idea of what to expect in the exam papers because most exams follow a consistent pattern. Knowing the trick behind each exam paper will help you increase your speed and accuracy when writing your exams.

4. Instead of cramming, take the time to understand each concept.

Cramming is not a good way to study; instead, devote more time to understanding each and every concept. Tables, mnemonics, graphs, flowcharts, and other techniques will help you retain and remember information for a longer period of time, but you must set aside time to master each concept.

When studying for an exam, it is important to take it one concept at a time in order to remember it better. This is also true when learning new material. Instead of trying to understand everything at once, break it down into manageable chunks.

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5. Regularly revise

One of the habits you must develop in order to excel in competitive exams is the habit of regular revision. When you revise your study, you make it impossible to forget even the smallest details, which not only helps you as a topper retain and recall information but also helps you remember them when doing a self-analysis when preparing for such an exam, and finally gives you the opportunity to improve on areas that need to be improved.

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6. Avoid late-night studying.

Last-minute exam preparation should be avoided if you want to be a top performer. Preparing for exams at odd hours may not help you perform well, and it is certainly not a skill of a top performer.

Plan ahead of time by creating a study schedule at least two to three months in advance, and begin covering topics right away, no matter how difficult or intense they may be.

This will cause you to develop a study habit over time, which is required to be a top performer. At least one hour per day devoted to each subject, beginning with the most difficult task, will give you a sense of what needs to be done and will encourage you to begin conquering them as soon as possible.

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7. Take an interest in your field of study.

To get into every course as a topper, you must be interested in the subject you are studying. This will not only give you excellent results, but you will also develop a love for the course of your study, leading you to explore it in depth, and, in the end, you should have learned a lot more than what appeared to be contained in the textbooks.

So, regardless of your course of study, find ways to develop an interest in your course, whether it is science, math, or social science, and you will be sure to top any competitive exam.

8. Develop excellent study skills

Good study skills will undoubtedly propel you to the top of any competitive exam. The following are some pointers for honing these abilities.

  • Allow your mistakes to guide you: your mistakes should not discourage you from trying but rather strengthen your weaknesses. Many people should learn to correct themselves whenever necessary.
  • Be inquisitive: no matter how difficult it may become, it is critical to never give up; curiosity is a habit that every topper can benefit from.
  • Work smart and hard: in order to be a topper in a competitive exam, you need to work smart and hard. This means making the most of your time and resources and finding ways to be efficient and effective.

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To sum it up

Knowing how to write down accurate answers in all exams is a topper’s habit, and doing so will require you to be familiar with some of the skills of a topper in competitive exams, which are highlighted above.

Furthermore, as a topper, how you answer your questions during exams determines how good your grade can be; some quick tips are listed below:

  • Write down what the question requires.
  • Use a flow chart in your responses.
  • Highlight important points
  • If there are any diagrams, they should be labeled properly.
  • Utilize tables and lists.
  • Finally, use the final five minutes to proofread your answers and make any necessary changes.

With these, there is definitely no way you won’t get to become a topper in competitive exams.

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