How to become super intelligent

How to become super intelligent

Intelligence is an important key required for career advancement, learning a new skill, or simply living a better life. Everyone has the ability to become super intelligent if they so desire. This responsibility, however, must be met with some effort. Here are some examples of daily habits to get you started:

How to become super intelligent

1. Reading regularly

Reading is one way to broaden your knowledge; by reading, you will come across many topics that will stimulate your neural pathways and improve your brain health. Even if it’s a book from your shelf or a trip to the library. As long as you put in the effort to read.

When choosing your next book, try reading a nonfiction book; this will expose you to new information and help you grow your vocabulary.

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2. Spend time with people who are extremely intelligent.

The more time you spend with highly intelligent people, the better you will become. Surrounding yourself with highly intelligent people will assist you in making connections with intelligent people who will provide you with the inspiration and motivation you require to continue on your path.

Having opposing viewpoints and ways of doing things will give you a lot more to think about, and this can be your starting point for becoming super intelligent.

3. Daily exercise

According to research, there is a strong link between brain function and physical exercise. Exercise causes you to be physically active, which increases activity in your hippocampus, which is the part of the brain that allows neuron growth.
Neuron growth improves brain function, which will undoubtedly make you smarter.

You can exercise in a variety of ways, as long as it keeps you physically active, whether you start with a daily 25-minute walk or register for your city’s marathon. Any form of exercise will improve your intelligence.

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4. Learn a new language.

Speaking more than one language improves your cognitive abilities as well as your ability to multitask because switching between languages requires a lot of self-control, focus, and concentration. Some educators believe that those who speak multiple languages are smarter than those who do not. So, to get started, find the nearest language class and enroll.

5. Look for educational opportunities.

Learning is not just for students. And you can’t stop learning because your school days are over. With the nature of the world we live in today, knowledge is no longer limited to the classroom, with a variety of learning options available online, the majority of which are offered for free or at a very low cost.

You can get the information you need about a topic from a podcast or possibly from TED talk videos. Other incredible sites that can be helpful and fulfilling, such as Udemy or Skillshare, offer something new that will undoubtedly make you smarter by teaching you something interesting.

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6. Limit your screen time.

Keep track of your screen time; according to research, excessive smartphone usage leads to poor cognitive performance. With the distraction that these devices provide, using an app to limit your usage is usually necessary.

Though it may be difficult to delete those apps because you may want to use them from time to time, developing a daily habit of using your phone at a set time will yield some positive results.

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7. Meditate

If you want to improve your brain function, you should try meditation. It also aids in the development of emotional intelligence. Because we are frequently overwhelmed, having a meditation practice allows you to pay attention to your body and learn how you truly feel.

Meditation is a good way to deal with stress and anxiety because it relaxes your mind and allows you to focus on important things.

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8. Caffeinated beverages

Caffeine, in addition to providing energy, can help you concentrate by increasing your alertness. It also helps to put you in a better study mood; by being more alert, you have a better chance of understanding new information. A cup of coffee will certainly get your brain going, but you must be careful not to consume more than your body requires.

9. Think outside the box.

Allowing yourself to daydream is a great way to connect with ideas; it will not only help you think creatively, but it will also help you process information faster. We usually stress ourselves out by subjecting our brains to critical thinking. Having a relaxed mind allows you to think creatively, which helps you remember things without being stressed.

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10. Reflect on your knowledge.

Most of the time, becoming super intelligent does not depend on what you know or how quickly you can study. It is more about what you can do with what you know so that you can distinguish between things, which is one of the skills of every super-intelligent person.

Having a mentor, however, is a good way to get started. Your mentor should be someone who can quickly connect the dots, see the steps involved in completing a project or understand the significance of new technology. Most of the time, this is what elevates your intelligence to the next level.

Finally, reflecting on your ideas and what you have learned so far helps you see patterns and gain a better understanding of the world through these patterns, which increases your intelligence.


It is not always easy to form new habits. However, in order to be super intelligent, you must constantly add new tasks to your to-do list. Much must be learned, and a habit of reflection must be developed. Having a mentor can be a very beneficial part of the process. However, a larger portion is determined by your learning abilities. In addition to being able to reflect on your knowledge,

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  1. Who doesn’t want to be intelligent? I took very much interest in this post of yours when I came across and as usual took one or two lessons from it.
    There is no doubt regularly reading helps a lot.

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