How to deal with failing a test you studied hard for

How to deal with failing a test you studied hard for

How do you feel about failing a test you studied hard for? Whether you are studying for the SAT, ACT, or other standardized tests, it can be frustrating when your hard work doesn’t pay off, and you receive less than perfect results. This article will examine the reasons and possible solutions that could make you fail a test after studying hard for it.

Reasons and solutions for failing a test you studied hard for

Reason 1: You may be very anxious

If you are very anxious when you are about to take your test, your mind will likely go blank, and you will struggle to remember what you studied, and answering the test question may become difficult.


A night to the test day take some time to eat and sleep well. And when you are in the test hall, take a few minutes to relax, remember you studied the material well. So take a deep breath and think positive thoughts.

Reason 2: You may not have studied with understanding

When studying, you concentrate on finishing the study note fast and don’t take time to understand the study note. 


When you study to understand the topic, don’t try to memorize it first. If you encounter a strange word, take time to find out what it means, think through the topics, and connect it to what you already know. Do not rush.

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Reason no.3: You started studying late

Not starting early enough and trying to cover everything a night to the test can have serious repercussions. Studying late can cause loss of focus and impairment of short-term memory, so avoid it whenever possible.


Instead of waiting to study a night or some few days for the test, create a routine of regularly reviewing your notes, which will help you remember the material for an extended period.

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Reason no 4: You didn’t have enough sleep

Studying throughout the night without sleep will negatively affect how you recall things because the brain needs time to assimilate what it has learned, which it does well during sleep.


Sleep is necessary to move what you learned from short-term memory to long-term memory. So plan and start studying early before the test to avoid staying up late without sleep.

Reason no: 5 You have been studying many things for a long time.

Trying to understand many concepts at a time is not an effective way of studying. Studying for hours without resting does not necessarily mean you will better understand the material.


Spacing your study is a more effective study technique. Break down your study session into smaller blocks and take breaks at intervals. Breaking down your study session will help your brain retain and absorb your study note more efficiently.

Reason no: 6 You don’t have study goals.

Trying to focus without a study goal to guide your sessions can be very difficult.


Set clear study goals. You can try listing the topics you wish to complete and canceling them out as you complete them. 

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Reason no: 7 You aren’t studying the right thing.

You studied well but going into the test hall; you find questions that you didn’t give much thought to while studying.


Attend classes and be attentive. Look out for hints – because most of the time, before your teacher could set a question, he must have taught it, given it as an assignment, or given some clue and hints that he will set it. Have an organized study note where you highlight some important things that might likely come out in your test.

Reason no: 8 You don’t have a propensity towards academic learning.

You are constantly struggling to study and lack motivation toward learning. You lose interest in studying.


Have an accountability partner that will ensure you read. It could be your mom or dad or even your classmate. Take advantage of peer study groups and class discussions, and review your notes after every class.

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Reason no: 9 Your learning method does not suit you.

You do not know the learning method that suits you. For example, you may be great at learning by voicing out, or learning by writing might be the one that works for you.


Find out the learning method that works for you and apply it. You may ask which learning method is suitable for you. By experimenting with different learning techniques, you can know the learning method that is right for you. 

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