How to focus on studies after breakup

How to focus on school after a breakup

Putting an end to a relationship is not always easy, especially during a test or exam period; it greatly affects your emotions and behavior, and it goes a long way toward diverting your attention away from your studies by lamenting on your long-gone relationship. You will undoubtedly feel hurt on the inside, but there is a way out so that you can focus on your school again, and this article will explain how.

Tips on how to focus on school after a breakup

1. Use school as a distraction

In a good way, focusing on school activities is a great way to avoid the feelings that come with a breakup, and participating in a variety of school activities can serve as a distraction to deal with the pain on the inside. Engaging in a variety of activities at school and in sports is a great way to distract yourself from what is going on and to stay away from social media during these times alone.

Free yourself from all the past thoughts and memory; there are many wonderful people on campus, engage with them. Within some days, the thought and brokenness should be gone, and you will be able to focus completely on your studies.

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2. Maintain your physical and mental health.

Maintain any existing health habits you may have. Make sure to eat well, sleep well, continue with your exercises, and stay in touch with your close friends and, if possible, family. These are the people on your support network who you can rely on to keep your mental health in check.

You can now participate in school activities that you previously could not, such as sports or going to the gym for a quick workout. These will put you in a state of both physical and mental well-being, allowing you to focus on your studies quickly.

3. Tell your best friend about it.

Not everyone needs to know, but if you’re still having trouble focusing on school, bring it to the attention of one of your trusted best friends, and only tell a trusted friend that you’ve recently broken up. Don’t spill all the details just the idea is enough, but is not bad to have an ally if you need one. Sure, you can go out during a short break to get a cup of coffee or just take a quick walk around the school grounds to clear your mind.

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4. Try something enjoyable and beneficial with a friend.

If you’re still having trouble focusing at school, it’s time to try a different productive technique. Playing chess with a friend, or learning how to play the game, is an effective and great way to help you stay focused and more effective in school. Instead of dwelling on the memory of your broken relationship or getting caught up in your emotions, you have succeeded in engaging in a fun and effective activity with your friend, which can create another memory worth remembering.

5. Some school routines should be replaced.

You’ll have to replace some unimportant routine you used to do with your ex right now. If you have a habit of walking into the library with your ex at a certain time, you simply need to devise another routine that will be beneficial at that time, such as going to a friend’s campus for study, until the new routine feels natural to you.

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6. Make plans after school hours

After school, if you are alone during your relaxing time, you may experience emotional distress, and you cannot help but wonder in thought, which will break you down with all those memories of your ex. Make plans with friends, go out to dinner with loved ones, or enroll in a new online course; if possible, attend some really interesting seminars. However, make sure you engage in interesting activities that will help you get those awkward feelings out of your system.

7. Use a to-do list

This is a simple method, but it is effective enough to keep you focused on school activities rather than the unpleasant memories of your breakup. To accomplish this, make a list of all your school activities for the following day, as well as what you intend to do during your leisure hours, chip in some activities if necessary, and look forward to fulfilling these activities by making the necessary plans in your mind. This will help you get through your remaining hours and keep your focus when you start to think about your breakup.

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8. Meet a therapist

If you’re still struggling to focus on school after a breakup, it might be helpful to meet with a therapist. A therapist can help you manage any feelings of anxiety or depression that might be interfering with your ability to focus. They can also provide you with tools and strategies for dealing with difficult emotions. If you’re not sure if therapy is right for you, consider meeting with a counselor at your school’s counseling center.


It is important to note that there is no future in a broken relationship; trying to reconcile with your ex after a breakup will only lower your self-esteem and dignity. Get her belongings returned to her by a friend. Then, take an honest look at your time together and try to figure out where you went wrong and where you could have improved, this ensures instant healing with every relationship, it is better to figure out the areas you did well as well as the areas you got wrong, at this moment it will do you a lot of good to be honest with yourself.

You can do this with the help of friends and family, or if possible, a therapist. The fact is that, after a breakup, it is ideal to begin a therapy section, as this will help you better yourself and learn how to handle your emotions, as well as learn the necessary tips on how to progress in your school and future relationships. Above all, don’t forget to set short team goals, including school goals, to keep you from obsessing over your breakup. But, whatever you do, keep your distance from your ex in order to move on quickly.

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