How to make a girl like you in high school

How to make a girl like you in high school

Making a girl like you in high school can be as easy as throwing a fantastic party and inviting her to be a part of it; however, there are lists of seduction techniques and persuasion methods that will undoubtedly make her want to be your girlfriend, and these techniques are covered in this article.

How to make a girl like you in high school

1. Have your own life

This is essential if your goal is to make a girl like you, as well as at the start of any great relationship. As a man, you must be truly attractive, not just in appearance, but you must also have your own life by putting some things in place. When you have a boring life as a guy, it’s difficult to make a girl like you, and this could be where you’re going wrong. Don’t be like others who display a deceptive lifestyle.

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2. Have an intriguing hobby

Another great tip is to have a passion. Having a passion makes you more interesting. Your passion can be a dream of yours that you are so devoted to, but it must be genuine and not faked.

Your passion should be something you actually enjoy doing, whether you are happy or not, and you must continue to improve in it by taking the necessary steps. The better you familiarize yourself with it, the more you increase your skills and the more attractive you become when practicing and loving what you do.

There is no specific hobby that you should pursue other than something you enjoy doing; even if it is sexual in nature, it will increase your attractiveness to a good date. But the truth is that if you are truly drawn to your passion, your girl will notice you because there is a lot of attractiveness in a guy who is intensely passionate about something.

Some of these interests could include motorcycling, drawing, cooking, programming, playing an instrument, reading, and anything else that you would like to do; by putting in the necessary time, you can learn so much until you have finally perfected your skills.

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3. Maintain good hygiene.

This tip works the majority of the time and should be considered the number one tip. To instantly attract a girl’s attention, you must have a decent smell. That is, you must smell good on a regular basis. To accomplish this, take a good shower with good body soap.

To take it a step further, make your hair and possibly apply deodorant; this will undoubtedly make you smell good, and with nice clothes on your body, you will be sure to impress that girl of your dreams.

4. Request that she does things for you.

This is quite effective, despite the fact that it is a bit manipulative. Asking a girl to do something for you creates in her what some people call the Benjamin effect, where you ask a girl for her help in getting things done, and if she does it subconsciously, she tends to like you more.

This may cause you to wonder how it is possible; the explanation is that when we offer assistance to others, we create a feeling that causes the brain to believe that we must like someone to do something for them. The Benjamin Franklin Effect was named after a man named Benjamin Franklin, who used this trip on his opponent to make them like him more.

There is also a technique known as the consistency bias, which states that after receiving assistance from someone a couple of times, they are more likely to do more. For example, ask someone to pick up a pencil for you or to take notes in class, but don’t go overboard, so she doesn’t feel used.

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5. Make her smile.

This will undoubtedly yield positive results; being funny is not limited to a single person. Everyone can be funny if they try. Girls love to laugh and to be funny sometimes, you have to put yourself in enough situations to get used to the awkwardness of telling jokes that aren’t funny enough, which will give you the confidence to tell jokes around people, and when you try it, you become better, and the more you get them to laugh, the higher you rise in their social chain.

Since all women desire a humorous and intelligent future partner. You’ll be able to tell if she likes you by making her laugh. When you make her laugh, watch her body language and eye contact to determine whether she likes you. She laughing at a dry joke is another sign that she likes you.


The tips above on how to make a girl like you in high school will almost certainly get you the desired result, but you must be careful not to hurt yourself in the process.

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