How to make a living without college degree

How to make a living without college degree

Making a living is not predicated on your college degree, nor is it a criterion for a successful life. According to Peter Thiel, a good concept with a lot of experience trumps education. Having a formal education is not a bad thing, but it should not be used to dismiss the wealth potential of smart and brilliant non-degree holders. Yes, you don’t need a college degree to earn a living, but you can find or invent your own method to make a livelihood, as this article explains.

Tips on how to make a living without college degree

Begin a service-based company.

There are several methods to earn a livelihood without a graduate degree, one of them is to establish a services business. Services firms may be incredibly successful, and they do not always need a large amount of initial money. All you actually need are a few solid ideas, some hard effort, and some marketing know-how. Once you’ve begun, it’s critical to concentrate on providing high-quality service to your clients. If you can accomplish that, you’ll be well on your way to earning a living without a college diploma.

Invest in real estate
Though this is recommended for individuals with upfront capital, investing in real estate and starting a rental property business is a great way to make money, especially if you are equipped with the skills on successfully managing a property. If you are not, this is what you get to do, team up with an expert in this field, or you can take a step further by venturing into commercial real estate that involves crowd-funding opportunities, with sites like your access to commercial property development is guarantee with minimum fee of $5,000.  Viewing these pre-vetted deals and presentations online may definitely be welcomed since it saves those investors time and allows them to make their decision quickly.

Providing consultation services

You’ll need to broaden your scope beyond just offering to educate those bookkeepers by the hour or giving a course to corporate managers; after all, don’t you perceive yourself as a consultant? And get compensated anytime your advise is required on anything. It will be more lucrative if you take the time to consider the procedures required to address company challenges while also enjoying the freedom that comes with being an independent contractor who may work with firms on a short or long term basis. A college degree is not required in this sector, but consultants should have extensive industry understanding.

Make a product.

They tend to preach selling books and e-books to generate money, but you can easily make more by creating your own product and learning the necessary skills to market these products and thinking about how to branch out and create opportunities, develop your next workshop or web design and discourse through process as you go, if possible get a video editor to make the final product look nicer and upload it to Gumroad where you get an additional revenue stream

Become a subject matter expert

A subject matter expert’s or domain expert’s services include providing knowledge and skill in a specific subject area, as well as ensuring that the information on a given topic is up to quality. And their skills are in great demand by most businesses, which want them to work on anything from training films to educational courses. A topic area expert does not need a specialized degree since they combine academic, technological, and vocational fields. Furthermore, with your knowledge of course creation you may begin to network for chances in your sector and beyond, since textbook publishers are also very interested in and always seeking for subject matter experts.

Rent out our equipment

You can’t overestimate the power of small businesses; many rental companies we have today began with a single person renting out personal equipment, such as power tools or office furniture. To get even more inspired, look at what others are doing on Craigslist, where you can rent and set up birthday-party-character costumes. Renting out your stuff is only for temporary use, so be creative enough to start renting out those things that are really in demand by many organizations and people out there, you may not have everything required to build up a rental store, but you can start with the things that are already in your possession, putting everything out for rent has become the mainstream in a sharing economy, including your car, camera equipment, bike, and much more without much work.

Get involve in exploratory activities.

There are many activities you can participate in, such as becoming a skydiving instructor, which does not require a formal education other than a license from the United States Parachute Association (USPA), depending on your location of work. There are also others who guide whitewater rafting, mountain climbing, and kayaking tours, and can really make some money while engaging in your adventure. You may also acquire certain adventure-related employment by working for a corporation, albeit the money isn’t great since it involves taking the usual path. However, if you have gained expertise, it is important to branch out and develop your own company, if feasible training customers to get certified so they can jump and arranging retreats, particularly for weekends.

To crown it all, look at non-degree jobs. There are several professional positions that pay without a degree, such as game managers, investigators, and web developers.

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