how to make reading fun for yourself

It’s fun to read: how to make reading fun for yourself

Reading is an essential part of life, but it can be a little bit of a chore for you. You don’t want to be discouraged from reading, but you also don’t want to find reading boring. Here are a few tips to make reading fun for yourself:

How to make reading fun for yourself tips:

1. Choose the right books.

One way on how to make reading fun for yourself is by choosing a book that you will appreciate. Know the kind of books you like to read. Do you like science books? Or did you instead go for adventure stories? Please make a list of books that fit into these categories and use it to assist yourself in choosing what to read next. There’s nothing more frustrating than reading a book that you are uncomfortable with.

2. Plan a “reading hour.”

Schedule reading time for yourself each day to sit down and read a chapter of a book. You can discuss what’s going on in the book or your favorite part with your friend or family member. Ask them what they think about the book. Getting other people’s opinions of the book, you are reading will spore your interest more.

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3. Read it out loud.

Any book may be more exciting by reading it aloud with your child. To bring the text to life, read with zeal and expression, using silly voices, faces, and gestures. You can use distinct voices for each character and an emotive voice for dramatic passages to make the story more entertaining. Make reading aloud to yourself a daily experience, and use best practices to keep yourself engaged. Don’t be afraid to be more dramatic.

4. Incorporate creativity

One method to connect reading and writing with creative expression via art is to set up a craft. Make reading more exciting for yourself by using your imagination. Make up various endings, play out the scene, or create illustrations of what you are reading. Doing all this art will make reading fun for you.

5. Think outside the conventional books.

If you still find reading frustrating, try the audiobook, even if you may be listening to an audiobook. Listening to an audiobook can still be considered reading because it expands vocabulary and provides context for topics and literary devices. Also, keep in mind that you can read books with your iPad or Kindle, which makes reading more appealing.

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6. Change position

You can make reading more fun for yourself by changing up your reading position often. You can try reclining comfortably, propping your legs up on a pillow, resting your chin in your hand, or sitting up taller in your chair. This will make you more comfortable, and you’ll be able to read with greater ease. Thereby making reading more adventuring.

7. Read inspirational books

Reading an inspiring book can be a great way to get out of your head and into another world. Whether you’re looking to escape to a better place or learn new things, inspiration books can be of great help.

8. Create a fantastic reading area.

Create a reading space where you can read and rest alone. Let the area have blankets, good lighting, and your favorite book so that you can read whenever the urge strikes. Set the tone for a perfect time.

9. Read all forms of books.

Picking up a book isn’t always required for reading. Magazines, graphic novels, and newspapers are examples of excellent reading materials that may not feel like “work” to you. So, head over to the library because that is an ideal place to get all forms of books that interest you.

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10. Make use of several types of reading materials.

Exciting stories can come from various places, including poems, oral tales, wordless books, and the typical read-aloud. Think outside the box and watch yourself enthralled when reading interesting poems and stories when it comes to reading.

11. Begin a book series

Book series are an excellent approach to maintaining enthusiasm for reading while also removing the challenge of deciding what to read next. Another alternative is to read several different non-series books by the same author.

12. Take your time reading.

Reading should not be a rushed activity. If you can, try to read at a leisurely pace, taking your time to absorb the information you are reading thoroughly. Reading can also be enjoyable, so take your time to enjoy the experience.

13. Connect the books you are reading with life.

Make connections between what you’re reading and what you’re doing in your life. Create links between what you are reading and your own life experiences. Read adventure books before you go camping, recipe books before you start cooking, etc. This will encourage you to learn with fun.


Choosing a book that you will appreciate, using silly faces and gestures when reading, and making connections between what you’re reading and what you’re doing in your life are some of the ways you can make reading fun for yourself.

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