How to motivate middle school students

How to motivate middle school students

As a middle school educator, it is your duty to motivate your student, although motivating middle school students is easier said than done, there are key things you can do that will improve your student focus and make them become the best version of themselves. In this blog post, we will explore ways to motivate middle school students.

How to motivate middle school students

1. Develop a growth attitude.

Teaching middle school students to have a growth mindset where they can decide their own learning rather than a mindset where their intelligence is limited can give room to improve a child’s educational experience. Instead of adopting the method of labeling and grouping students based on how they perform, having a growth mindset as a teacher will source for other ways to improve on each of these children regardless of whether they perform well or not.

A growth mindset in both students and instructors will instil the concept that with enough effort, all students can get excellent marks; this is a means for all students to realize that by practicing and doing things correctly, they, too, can improve.

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2. Make use of motivating phrases.

The words we use are crucial, and most of the time students identify themselves or others via their language. Using motivating phrases may be useful in every classroom; this may be used to demonstrate that middle school students can be whatever they want with hard effort.

Middle school students must understand that they have the opportunity to progress when it comes to grades, they have the opportunity to move their poor grades to a better scores. Such word choices motivate and provide opportunities for improvement.

3. Encourage students to understand why they are in school

Every middle school teacher understands how difficult it can be for middle school students to keep track of school. Educators should encourage students to keep track of their progress by finding a way to ensure that these students have a good understanding of what they are required to do and how important it is to their learning, which they can do by focusing more on explaining the importance of staying motivated.

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4. Have a system in place to track all of their progress.

If you can discover a means for your student to demonstrate measurable improvement as a middle school teacher which is sometimes required if you want to get the most out of your students. Growth portfolios are recommended as a perfect place to keep physical evidence of their growth, and at the end of the year, have them clean out their work so that they can have a knowledge of their individual work and growth, which will show them the areas they need to work on as well as the areas they are doing perfectly well.

5. Establish a good connection with these students.

A good positive relationship will certainly speed up the results; most of the time, motivating these students to take their studies serious is based on how you get to know them; when they realize that you want the best for them, it will be easier for them to follow your direction. According to some instructors, learning is usually only feasible when someone else bears the responsibility of seeing your superiority.

And, without a doubt, if you can assist these middle school pupils recognize the best in themselves, you have a good chance of accomplishing a lot.

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6. Using a grading system based on standards

Most of the time, just moving to standards-based grading may provide the necessary change for middle school students. This will substantially restrict the fascination that middle school students have with numbers and encourage them to develop an interest in genuine learning.

So, rather than measuring middle school students based on their grades, which will only lead to poor results, insist on measuring their performance based on their behavior and habits, and you will undoubtedly begin focusing on their skills, which will make the job much easier while also making their learning interesting and fun.


Motivating middle school students may be somehow tasking, but with their best interests in mind, there is a need to keep their learning going with some incentive if that is what it takes to get the job done, and this blog post has highlighted that already.

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