How to not get distracted by social media while studying 

How to not get distracted by social media while studying 

It is always tough to concentrate on your studies without being sidetracked by social media, particularly when your computer is placed on a desk with media notifications popping up every now and then.   However, with the appropriate strategy discussed in this post, you may utilize them to better your studies without becoming distracted by social media.

Tips on how to not get distracted by social media while studying

1. Reduce the time spent on social media and be aware of your distractions

Though it is challenging, limiting your time spent on social media is the first step you can take to eliminate this distraction while studying. And if you have been hooked on social media, you must pay close attention to this phase if you wish to overcome your addiction.

Begin by making a list of all the social apps and websites that capture your attention all the time and are a major distraction to you, and then begin reducing the amount of time you spend on each of these apps and websites; doing so will provide you with the opportunity to completely avoid its distractions whenever you need to study or concentrate on an important aspect of your life for an extended period.

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2. Reset your home-screen

Make sure to relocate all of your social media applications to the back of your devices or to a different folder that will pull your attention away from them. It will be quite tough to break this social media addiction if the first things you see when you make touch with your phone are these media apps at the front and center of your home screen.

However, looking for these media apps whenever you need them will require much more work, and you will eventually begin to break free from this social media addiction. You may take it a step further by downloading and installing applications on your home screen that will be useful or necessary anytime you study, such as your notes and scientific calculator. This will assist you in breaking away from being distracted by social media by participating in your studies.

3. Mute those notifications

Whether you want it or not, notifications will always keep popping up on, as long as you have a Smartphone. Though these notifications are irrelevant, but they can make you check your phone, and when you do then your addiction takes over.

Ensure to mute all the notifications from these social media apps so as not to trigger distractions while engaging in your study or lectures. And in the long run, ensure to keep a track of all notifications while you block the unnecessary ones. This will limit how often you pick up and interact with your phone which will give you time to be more productive.

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4. Unsubscribe from distracted media

Some activities are particularly distracting every time, and if you are always getting stuck in any of these activities or stories, then is time to unsubscribe from such activities even if it is YouTube channels, Facebook pages, and Instagram accounts. To avoid being distracted by social media when studying, you must first limit your time spent on your phone in general, followed by the distracted offers from social media. So unsubscribe from the activities that eat the majority of your time, and once you have it under control, you can always subscribe if necessary.

5. Place your phone in a different room while you study

If you’re like most people, you keep your phone within easy reach at all times. When you’re attempting to study, though, your phone might be a major distraction. It will be difficult to concentrate on your job if you are continuously checking your alerts or skimming through social media.

One solution is to leave your phone in another room while you study. You won’t be tempted to pick it up every few minutes this way. Of course, this is not always feasible. If you require your phone for your studies for example, if you’re using it as a tool example as a calculator, then you can simply use a real calculator instead of the one on your phone, since the goal is to eliminate the distractions caused by social media when studying.

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6. Utilize content blocker

If you still can’t study without being distracted by social media, it’s time to take it a step further by utilizing a content blocker, which lets you block these distractions for a while and is a terrific method to ensure you’re not checking your messages and alerts rather than focused on your studies. Some of these phone apps include Freedom, Antisocial, etc.

7. Set your break time

Setting a break time for yourself is essential if you want to avoid being distracted by social media while studying. Determine how long you want to study and then take brief breaks to check your phone or look through your feed. This way, you don’t waste crucial study time and you don’t allow social media to dominate all of your focus.

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Managing the distractions of social media during your study can be achieved if you are sure to go about it, is true that it can be a distraction whenever you try to focus on your studies but despite that, you can be more productive in your study by avoiding these distractions following the tips above.

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