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How to pass exams with top grades in high school

Learning how to pass exams with top grades should be the priority of every high school student. But most times, even though these high school students wish to pass exams with good grades, they may lack the proper steps to follow.

If you aim to pass your exams with the best grades possible, you are on the right blog because you will learn tested and practical steps to get your dream grades. 

Steps on how to pass exams with top grades in high school

1.  Develop the habit of attending classes

Attending classes makes it easier to prepare and pass your exams with good grades. Some topics you will find difficult to understand if you didn’t attend class when it was taught. 

Also, going to class makes it easier for you to understand your class note when you are studying for your exam. That is why some high school students find a way to cram, which is not ideal, especially during exam time. And if you are not good with cramming, you will find it difficult to remember when writing your exams because you won’t understand what you have crammed.

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2. Read to understand 

Though so many students may spend a lot of time reading. Spending time reading does not necessarily mean you will understand what you are reading. And not understanding what you are studying or reading may lead to poor grades. 

So how do you read and understand? Because to pass your exams with top grades depends mostly on how you read and how well you know the subject. To understand what you read, follow these two simple steps:

  • Read a topic and test yourself: To do that, always have a pen and rough note to take down details, especially definitions, as it helps you understand a topic more. After taking down notes, read from the note the first time; then, close it and try to remember it. Have this in mind; as you proceed, you can peep to look at a line or two. If there is a word you are not familiar with, check for the meaning. By doing these, you will understand what your note is about. And then, you can proceed and repeat the steps until you are done.
  • Try to repeat it by saying it out: Saying what you have read to yourself is one of the ways to understand easily. Also, it helps you to remember without much stress on the brain.
  • Note, it is not just to read to yourself. It would be helpful if you also tried to understand what you are saying by listening to it. Also, make sure you look up and check the meaning of difficult words. This is a great way to understand your note. 

3. Pay attention in class

Many students don’t pay attention in class and, because of that, find it difficult to understand during their study time. Going to class early will offer you an excellent place to sit without disturbance, especially from your friends. 

Since some high school teachers usually pick their questions from what they discuss in class, it will be best you listen and pay attention in class so that you can ace your exam when the time comes.

So go to class, pay attention, take notes, and ask questions when you don’t understand. 

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4. Make sure to start studying early.

A student who starts studying at the beginning of every semester will understand more and pass with top grades. Studying is one of the most challenging things to do, as some tend to fall asleep when they try to study. 

This is where the interest comes in. When you are interested in something, you will give it your best. Since you desire to pass with good grades, you may consider starting early to study as you would cover a lot of your syllabus. And also, when you encounter difficulties, you may consider taking it to your professor during office hours or getting your classmate to explain it to you. Doing this will ensure you pass with the best grades possible. 

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5. Practice old questions

A lot of us don’t know the importance of practicing old questions. As noted, most questions come typically from previous years’ questions. So if you are someone who practices previous years’ questions, then you won’t have a problem getting good grades. 

Studying old questions makes you better prepared for your exams, and even though there is no repetition of questions, you can use the same method, or you might be lucky to see the same question you solved in the past question. So do well to study with old questions for every subject, and if you encounter a challenging question, meet those ahead of you.  

6. Eat well and take a sound sleep

Make sure you don’t lack food; if not, you can never truly read much, and most times, you lose concentration thinking of the noise in your stomach. Reading on an empty stomach is not a good idea, and those who read and find themselves sleeping after eating should learn to stop and eat lighter food that is good for studying. 

Learn to take good naps as it is necessary for improving your memory. Your brain process what you learn better when you sleep. And if you don’t get enough sleep, you will get more anxious, which might cause ineffective studying leading to subsequent low grades.

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7. Take your test seriously.

Most students get it wrong for being unserious with continuous assessment tests. Some students take their studies seriously after taking their tests, especially if they don’t perform well. As a result, such students may consider ineffective study habits like cramming and studying overnight, leading to poor grades. 

You have to start early to study to cover many topics with understanding and prepare for your test. Also, don’t forget that your total grade is a combination of your continuous assessment test score and exam score. If your test score is low, it might not be easy to pass with top grades. So don’t play with your test. Take your test and exams seriously and see yourself passing all your exams with top grades.

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8. Avoid cramming 

You have to start your study early not just to get good grades but also to understand. You might be asked to answer a question in your words, and if you happen to cram for the exam, there might be a severe problem. 

Read your books on time, get old questions, attempt them, do the necessary research, and do them on time. In all possible, avoid cramming as it makes you lazy.

Lastly, ensure not to pack your brain with too much new information a night before exam. Instead, revise and solve practice questions. 

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