How to pass the bar exam in 10 days

How to pass the bar exam in 10 days

You might wonder if you can still pass your bar examinations with just ten days to spare if you find yourself in this situation. You were unable to begin studying on time, possibly due to your activities or depending on the circumstances. In this article, you will learn how to pass your bar exam in 10 days.

How to pass the bar exam in 10 days tips

1. Get all the necessary materials and do a quick summary.

Since you just have ten days left, you must first get hold of all the necessary materials so you can condense your note by taking essential points. Since the bar exam is in less than two weeks, that is ten days, and you simply don’t have the work hours to cover much or do research, that would be a waste of time.

So make sure all the materials are intact on the first day, and exercise notes, and it is time to start while keeping in mind that it has to be quick. Write down a little explanation for every topic in all MBE subjects (Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts.), at most three lines. Make sure you don’t spend more than two to three days on this.

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2. Time to study your summary.

After making your quick summary, it is now time to study them. You will have to work hard on these. Make sure to study in the morning, at noon, and, in most cases, at night. Because of time constraints, some topics you understand easily once you read them once or twice. Then you continue reading, keeping in mind that you will deal with some challenging topics later in case you encounter them in the exam questions.

Don’t spend more than three days on this; just know that you have to put in more effort to achieve this by letting go of so many activities. And note that you will need maximum concentration and, of course, you will have to discipline yourself for these few days you have left before your bar exams.

Despite the challenging topics, there are some that you will have to let go of, especially those that require further reading before you understand. When solving old questions, check for the questions on them and find a way to solve them, but don’t waste your time if you are not getting them correctly now.

3. Get old questions and study

It is time to start studying old questions. It will help you get prepared for what to expect. At first, attempt the one you can on your note, and as for the hard part, compare it to the topic you find difficult to understand. In that case, try searching for the answers in your note. Don’t forget to take note of the answer once you come across it.

Present the answer in a well structure manner, take note of your solutions, and create your question when you can get old questions and answer them immediately. Check for correction. Don’t forget; it is exam period, so give it your best.

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4. Eat nice food and get good sleep

Your brain may have been stressed to some extent, which usually results in an unavoidable headache. At this point, don’t push it any further; instead, take a break, eat some nice food, and get some rest; you’ll need it for the next few days. It is of no use to study further if you are exhausted. Get the necessary rest you need, and then you can proceed later.

5. Do a little revision and set some questions for yourself

Depending on your effort so far, you might have just two to three days to go. But now that you are relaxed and much more prepared, do a slight revision and if there are still parts Multistate Bar Exam subjects you summarize that you find difficult to understand, let them go. Don’t waste your time on them.

For now, concentrate on the parts you are familiar with and try to master them. When you finish the easy part, go back and see if you can master the hard part. Go over the complex topic repeatedly until it becomes part of you. Then revise everything one more time and, as you do this, set some questions to answer later after your revision. This will help you get prepared for the exams.

When you are done answering the questions, get your old practice questions because now is the perfect time to answer them alone without looking at the previous answers you already have. Try answering them on new pages and if you still have some little problems in some parts, take a look at your notes and check for the previous answers.

This time you should be able to answer them correctly and take note of the necessary corrections. During this period, let go of any additional studies. You just need to learn to master the material you already have, and with this, you are sure of passing your exams even though it took you just ten days to study.

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6. Set your personal test to see how much you know

Setting tests for yourself is one of the best ways to know how ready you are for a particular exam, and it is highly recommended that you take time aside from your self-study to answer those questions you set aside during your studies.

Most students neglect this aspect of their studies. It has a long way to building your confidence after answering those questions. Don’t forget to get the necessary corrections when you have finished writing your test for the sake of your exams, which are not always easy.

7. Attend tutorials

Suppose you find it difficult to understand any MBE subjects like Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts. In that case, you might need a tutor to guide you on those subjects. Always be sincere to your tutor in the areas you are struggling with.

Attending tutorials reduces the time for additional research since it is about sharing knowledge on some questions. Most of the time, they offer another perspective that will help you understand the MBE subjects more. However, it is better to start your studies early enough to avoid the stress you put into late studies in preparing for your bar exams.

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Studying is very necessary if you want to do well on the bar exam. In addition to that, this does not just mean preparing for the bar examination. For the bar exam, you need to prepare in a style that enables you to understand and retain information about the law. The bar exam is in ten days, and this article will assist you in preparing for it by providing you with study ideas.

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