How to study maths the right way

How to study maths the right way

Though there are many ways to study maths, and it can be hard sometimes, learning how to study maths the right way will help you improve your grades and subsequently allow you to graduate with a better cumulative grade point.

Math is one of the subjects that many students dread. However, it’s the subject you will still find useful even after school is over! The subject is not limited, but its method is applied in other subjects like chemistry and physics. The thing students fail to realize about Maths is that, once you develop your interest in it, it becomes your favorite subject, and as you take your time to know its method, it becomes easier. It’s not as hard as most people see it to be; it’s much easier by applying the necessary methods to studying math the right way.

How to study maths the right way tips

1. Lots of Practice

Maths is a subject you get used to by constant practice, and you have to dedicate lots of time, unlike some subjects you just read the chapters to understand. In math, you must understand principles and concepts and then practice more.

It’s advised to start practice early enough so you can get used to its method; in that way, and if you come across a hard question, always refer to your textbook, check for necessary corrections on your areas of weakness, then try solving the same question until you can get it the right, most times knowing a particular question may require that you solve it more than once or twice, In this way, you will be well prepared by the time exam arrives.

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2. Solve easy examples

Don’t make the mistake of solving hard examples at first. If you start with solving hard questions first, you lose interest. Instead, start by solving simple examples and then simple problems, especially If you finish understanding a chapter; solving difficult problems might give you the wrong answers and even make you hate math for some time.

Start by solving the simple examples in your textbook. When solving, try not to look at the answer until you are done solving, then you compare it to the textbook solution. Always compare the steps before the final answers. The steps are more important, which is why it is advised to practice each step until you get to master the whole process.

3. Understand the derivation

The derivation might not be as important from the exam point of view, but it’s vital for your understanding. Most times, you have to derive a formula several times to get used to it. Always try to learn a formula this way; it makes your study easier. Also, you need to know the logic behind it.

When studying math, ensure you use your rough notes; most times, you may need to derive a formula more than four times until it eventually sticks to your memory. This is the only way to derive any formula effectively. For example, you need to know why Force is a function of mass and acceleration instead of just knowing the formula and substituting it with numbers. It is possible to forget formulas during the exam, but if you understand the derivation, it will always be easy to recall.

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4. Always study the basics

Your basics are your foundation in math, which a lot of students don’t have, No matter the level of exam you are studying for; you need to remember almost everything you were thought from grade 9 through grade 12. Because lots of chapters in math build on previous ones, especially the universities and if you happens to lack behind even in one chapter you might find it difficult in going further, the trick is that always go back to your past class and check for any arrears of difficulty.

If you have a poor foundation, you will keep referring back and learning from selected chapters in your previous years in school, which will consequently affect your problem-solving abilities.

5. Correct your Errors

You are sure to encounter errors when practicing with math problems, but understanding the areas where you went wrong and checking for the necessary solution is a great way of learning and avoiding the same errors during your continuous study.

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6. Understand the process

Sometimes when solving a question, you can get confused trying to get a particular step, and you may find it difficult to move on to the next stage. Most times, we tend to skip such questions and continue to the next. This is a poor way to study math; avoid doing this, and spend time trying to familiarize yourself with the process of solving the problem. Once you have captured the solution to the problem, solving the remaining questions is a great advantage.

7. Avoid distraction during study

When solving complex problems, try solving in a distraction-free environment to enable you to concentrate more and be focused. Most times, music help to create a relaxed and calm environment, making it easier to flow with your study especially listening to instrumental music.

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8. Be determine

Determination gets things done; when it comes to studying math, it is frustrating most times, but you should always find it necessary to set a target and be determined in every study to achieve your goal. This is the only way to keep improving and eventually master the process.

Lastly, always bring your areas of difficulty to those who are better than you, and don’t be timid in approaching your tutors or lecturers for clarity in areas you need understanding; the key is to keep practicing until you are familiar with so many methods of solving, don’t forget that there is no one way of solving a particular problem and no matter you the method you decide to adopt, be perfect in it. Never forget to solve and practice with old questions at the end of every topic; this also widens your knowledge. The fact remains, the more you solve exercises, the more you are better at solving questions, and the better you become when the subject is mentioned “math” also, teaching your friend is one of the ways to ensure that it sticks in your memory, and remember what you teach is difficult for you to forget.

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