How to use Google classroom for students

How to use Google classroom for students

Google Classroom is a great way for students to get access to online resources and lessons from their teachers. Teachers can create a class, set up a syllabus, and share materials with their students. Students can access the materials from their computers or devices, and they can ask questions or participate in discussion groups with other students.

Google Classroom is one of the most efficient and straightforward online learning platforms for both in-class and remote learning. It’s free, makes use of the Google ecosystem of tools like Docs and Slides for easy material sharing, and aids in the evaluation of student work.

How does Google Classroom work?

Google Classroom is an excellent tool for any classroom that uses G Suite products such as Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets frequently. Google Classroom’s core feature is the ability to create and manage assignments. After creating a document, teachers can distribute copies to students.

If a teacher does not create a document ahead of time, students can create one by clicking a button that is linked to the assignment. Students turn in their assignments for grading once they have finished them.

Teachers can also assign assignments with no attachments or documents. For example, they could give students text or video instructions to participate in a math warm-up on the board. When a student has finished a task, they can mark it as completed.

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Google Classroom manages the entire organization. Each class has its folder in the teacher’s Google Drive, and each class has its folder for each assignment. Before students turn in the document, teachers use this folder or the assignment from within Google Classroom to check in on their progress.

Educators have more time to focus on students and teaching, now that folder and document management are handled automatically. Google Classroom also makes it simple to reuse assignments in subsequent classes.

Get started with Classroom for students

This guide will show you around Classroom and assist you in completing tasks that are common to students if you are new.

  • Sign in to Classroom
  • Join a class
  • After you join a class, you’re ready to complete common tasks or explore Classroom
  • Sign in and set up Classroom

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How do I access Classroom?

You can sign in to Classroom using one of the following accounts, depending on your learning environment:

  • An accredited school: creates a school account, also known as a G-Suite for Education account. If you don’t remember your G-Suite for Education account information, speak with your teacher or the school’s IT administrator.
  • Personal Google Account: This account is created by you or your parent or guardian. A personal Google Account is typically used outside of a school setting, such as in homeschool or club.
  • G-Suite account: Created by your organization’s administrator.

Note: Parents and guardians cannot access Classroom or student assignments due to privacy laws.

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Are you ready to sign up?

To sign in, first, you must have an active internet connection. Then, go to if you already know how to sign in to Classroom. Alternatively, follow the detailed instructions below.

Sign in for the first time

  • Go to and click on Go to classroom.
  • Click Next after entering your Classroom account’s email address.
  • Enter your password and then press the Next button.
  • If a welcome message appears, read it and then click Accept.
  • Click I’m A Student or I’m A Teacher if you have a G Suite for Education account

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How to sign in with multiple account

If you have multiple accounts and need to switch to the one you use with Classroom:

  • Click your profile image or initial at the top.
  • Choose an account.

How to begin using classroom on your mobile device:

  • Download the Classroom app from your app store.
  • Join a class.
  • You can complete common tasks or explore Classroom after you install the app and join a class.
  • Complete common tasks
  • Communicate to your teacher or classmates.
  • You can post comments and send emails in Classroom if your teacher allows it
  • Post to the class stream.
  • Make mention of classmates in your posts.
  • Send an email to your teacher or classmates.
  • Distribute content from a mobile device.

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