8 Online part-time jobs for graduate students

Having a job that matches your lifestyle as a student makes it simpler to keep up with your favorite hobbies and enjoy your student life. With the list of careers discussed in this post, bear in mind that the circumstances of your work are totally dependent on the school and country you choose to settle in, since each place has various employment regulations.

Online part-time jobs for graduate students

1. Data entry

Though these jobs may appear mechanical, the good thing about them is that they do not require any high-end skill or sufficient time from you; as a result, data entry is one of the most popular part-time jobs abroad, and you can easily create a schedule for the job that will fit in with your classes, assignments, and routine; the necessary required skills are listed below.

Required skills

  • Communication, both written and spoken
  • Good typing speed
  • Time management abilities
  • Basic computer and software knowledge
  • Knowledge of database structure and research skills
  • Paying close attention to detail
  • Knowledge of data office equipment and data collection

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2. Online tutor

As a student, you may be well-versed in a topic that you teach others, either a subject from your course or something other based on your areas of interest, and earn a respectable amount of money while growing your skills and sharing your knowledge. The required skills are listed below.

Required skills

  • Presentation skills
  • Ability to communicate verbally and in writing
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Fundamental computing abilities
  • Detail-orientedness and time management abilities

3. Proofreader

If you have a keen eye for detail and a passion for language, proofreading may be the ideal part-time job for you. You may earn between $100 and $150 per 1,000 words by enrolling as a freelancer on one of these websites. The requisite skills include the following.

Required abilities

  • Organization skills
  • A sharp eye for detail
  • Time management skills
  • Excellent command of spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • Capacity to focus for lengthy periods of time

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4. Product tester

You can supplement your income by reviewing and testing products for various companies. To apply as a product tester, sign up with platforms such as Upwork and User Testing, and make sure to send proposals. The benefit of this online job is that you get to use beta apps and sometimes even get those products before they are released.

Required abilities

  • Attention to detail
  • Preparing test plans and creating documentation
  • Good analytical and reasoning skills, as well as knowledge of the testing process
  • Preparing test plans and a good understanding of the product
  • Time management and stress management abilities

5. Freelancer

Today, freelancing is the most popular market, even more so than paid positions. From writing and graphic design to translating, singing, playing an instrument, editing, and even organizing abilities, there are many different things you may choose to freelance and be paid for. It is a terrific approach to monetise your abilities and gain steady clients if you are competent at what you do and have the following qualities.

Required abilities

  • Self discipline
  • Sharp memory and grammar, punctuation, and spelling skills
  • Time management and stress management abilities
  • Convening, negotiating, and good communication abilities are required
  • Business skills
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6. Translator

Similar to the common digital careers, translation is one of the most rewarding prospects, especially for students who are fluent in more than one language, and they are sure of a rewarding benefit as it gives you the flexibility and you get to travel to work in any demanding field like travel agencies and hotels or even get to translate business copies for people coming into your city or country for businesses as well as work on various freelancing websites.

Required skills

  • A good writing style
  • Understanding of new topics and excellent spelling and grammar
  • Foreign language proficiency ( at least two)
  • Working under time constraints
  • Basic computing abilities
  • Able to build good client relationships

7. Transcriptionist

This online part-time work involves no special talents or time commitment, but you will get paid on an assignment basis as a transcriptionist. One of your responsibilities will be to listen to audio recordings and take notes, and you must be accurate and focused on the relevant facts. A strong typing ability is an asset for this job.

Required skills

  • Detail-orientedness and the capacity to focus for extended periods of time
  • Active listening and fast typing
  • Understanding of new topics and excellent spelling and grammar
  • Sharp memory and grammar, punctuation, and spelling skills

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8. As a POSP, you may sell insurance.

Working as a Point of Salesperson with the obligation of selling insurance is another wonderful method to make money; this may be a profitable part-time job as a student working in your own comfort without requiring any working experience or advanced technical expertise.

The prerequisites are listed below.

Good writing ability
Excellent communication skills and fluency in a foreign language are required.
Capability to develop positive client relationships
excellent command of spelling, punctuation, and grammar

Final note

Working a part-time job might help you manage your finances as an international student. Aside from that, working part-time jobs is a good way to build your resume because you gain experience that you can use later in your career. In addition to the list of online part-time jobs covered above, there are many more you can research, identify your niche, and find jobs that match it, and as a student, there are numerous part-time jobs available to you without the need for work experience.

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