Part-time jobs for high school students with no experience

9 Part-time jobs for high school students with no experience 

There is a list of jobs for high school students that can be part-time or full-time depending on their preferences. Most high school students prefer part-time jobs, while a few enjoy the idea of starting their own business, though this will require some level of entrepreneurial skill. This blog post will highlight some of these part-time jobs for high school students with no experience.

Part-time jobs for high school students with no experience

1. Animal shelter worker

This job pays an average of $5 per hour and is best suited for students who enjoy working with animals. It is also one of the best part-time jobs you can get as a high school student with no prior experience. This job entails spending time with animals and cleaning their shelter areas.

Well, the pay isn’t great, but it’s an opportunity to learn what it takes to be a veterinarian, with all the valuable experience you’ll gain from working this job over time, and you can do it after school. Part of your job may require you to care for sick animals, which may sound awkward but is a valuable skill to learn if you want to be a vegetarian.

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2. Document & photograph jobs

With an average hourly wage of $24, this job is in high demand nowadays. This job requires you to scan, save, and permanently complete photos or documents of people who are too busy with their schedules to manage this task. Offering your services to parents, relatives, and friends is a great way to start this part-time job; you can also ask them to refer you to their friends who may require the services you provide.

You can upload these scanned files through Google Drive, which saves you energy from walking back to deliver these jobs as well as transportation costs. Don’t forget that these documents must be handled with care.

3. Art and Craft designer

This job is mostly recommended for high school students who are interested in art and creativity. Creating and selling this art during the winter and summer holidays can earn you some money, depending on how much you can produce and how many you decide to offer for sale. The best time to sell these works of art is during the Christmas season when buyers line up to buy artistic creations for gifts and other amazing items.

Art and craft design are one of the best part-time jobs for high school students to use their creative skills, despite the fact that some expenses must be considered, such as booth fees, supplies, and the cost of stalls; otherwise, it is a fantastic part-time job.

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4. Babysitter

Babysitting is mostly done on Friday and Saturday evenings, and high school students can choose to do it. The average pay for this job is around $15 per hour, which is quite adequate, and it allows students to efficiently complete their school curricula.  To get started, ask around your neighborhood if anyone needs a babysitter. This is a great place to start.

5. Car wash attendant

Though this is primarily for male students, most female students participate because of the pay, which is $12 per hour and is a great job to consider during the summer. The advantage of this part-time job is that you will learn how to wash a car, which will be useful if you ever own a car. This job is usually better in a warm environment because as a car wash attendant, you risk getting wet, which can damage your clothes.

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6. Grocery shop employee

Despite the fact that this job pays $11.00 per hour, it may interfere with your school activities and personal study time. However, having a good agreement that you will do this part-time job after school hours may provide you with the leverage you require. This part-time job requires you to stock shelves, manage the cash register, bag groceries, and mop the floor on occasion.

7. Landscaper and Lawn care worker

Most high school students take this part-time job because it allows them to get out in the sun and enjoy every moment while working. The pay is usually around $16 per hour and it is a casual job with flexible hours. The main responsibilities include raking and blowing leaves, mowing lawns, trimming hedges, shoveling snow, and planting and tending flower beds. All of these activities will ensure that you stay fit and healthy due to the physical activities.

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8. Food delivery driver

Though this job requires good driving skills, managing food delivery after school hours is not a big deal. Though the pay is not great, with an average payout of $11 per hour in addition to tips, it is worth a shot. Picking up and delivering food to the specified location is one of the responsibilities.

9. Waiters in a restaurant

Though the average pay is about $11 with tips and free meals during your shift, this job offers a great way to meet people and may actually get you some good connections, with the simple task of taking guests to their table after a proper welcome greeting.

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Aside from the money, these part-time jobs for high school students are a great way to prepare for the world that awaits them, which they will undoubtedly be a part of later on, and they are also a great way to showcase their skills, which allows for personal development.

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