Study tips for lazy students

Study tips for lazy students

Ever wonder how to get better grades without studying much? Well, the answer is not as impossible as you might think. There are some tips that can help lazy students improve their grades. They may not be the “traditional” study tips, but they will work for people who simply have too little time to get through all of their assignments.

Study tips for lazy students

1. Feynman’s method

This technique is a great way to study for lazy students, and it has helped many students get back on track by helping them retain vital information after their study.

The Feynman method makes such students effective and efficient during their study moment. The steps are quite easy, first, take note of the topic you are more interested in learning, ensure to write it down on a paper, then begin by reading the simple sections of that topic.

And, pretend to be explaining to a student in a lower grade, try to explain each point that you have read and cover the entire material twice, then remove the explanations you don’t understand and the unnecessary sentence from your explanations. Getting to begin your study this way is a great way to get you started in interesting and relaxing as well as you are able to review to knowledge during the explanation.

2. Try recording your lectures

This is a great way to take away laziness and a great way to learn new things; maybe the reason for the laziness is that you don’t like to read at all times; you can begin to record your professor’s lectures during classes.

And, after the school period, you can repeat those record lectures you now had in your possessions which kind of takes away the burden of opening those textbooks and studying bits by bits, searching for important information.

Recording your lectures gives you awareness of the part of the material you should focus on by repeatedly listening to those topics as emphasized by the professors, which will help you in your exams and learn the essence of each subject.

3. Time and energy management

Making a to-do list will help such student manage their time effectively; the concept of time management is to create a list of activities that can be completed in a day which is limited to 24 hours. Assigning an hour to study every day is a good way to drive away the laziness and begin your study having in mind that the best time to study lies between 10 am – 2 pm and 4pm- 10 pm.

Engaging your study during this time is perfect for the brain because the brain is relaxed and ready for the challenge that comes with the day; having this in mind, endeavor to make a list of your study schedule, beginning with the easiest activities as well as fixing your study period at time most appropriate and best for your brain in line with the best time as reveal above.

4. Carry-out intense study for a short period

Most students get tired of studying for long hours, and this can also be a contributing factor to the laziness they tend to encounter in their studies, this method of an intense study session for a short period is often recommended for such students.

Studying intensely at a different period in a day, like six times a day is much more profitable to such students than studying for the whole day without a break. Also, engaging in such intense study is a good way to improve memory. And, for lazy students, it is profitable to begin their intense study in the morning since the brain is more relaxed and ready to face anything that comes it’s way.

5. Watch online tutorials

Your laziness might result from the way you were being taught from previous sections of lectures; it might be that your previous teacher was too lazy to explain that bulk of information to the student, which resulted in poor grades. If this is the case, then using the internet to update your knowledge is what you need right now.

Video learning is more effective in this case since it combines both methods of learning: the photographic and auditory. With some really good examples and interesting tips these video tutorials offer, it will definitely go a long way to help you study smart and understand your materials easily, which might give you the necessary skills to continue with your study.

6. Reduce your distractions

With these numerous distractions nowadays, it takes some focus and determination to study. When you tend to begin your study, research proves that it takes at least 15 minutes of work to get to the focusing potential.

Imagine getting distracted those 15 minutes, you might never be able to get to that point of concentration and this can lead further to tiredness to continue your study by developing laziness in further studies.

If you are really keen on getting rid of that laziness you encounter each time you want to study then is crucial to get rid of all those distractions and affects your focusing potential mostly getting rid of all those devices and leaving them in another space before commencing your study, this will help you to eliminate those distractions. You can begin your study with focus.

7. Organize your day

Organization is the key to having a fulfilled day and is vital to staying focused when engaging in your study session. Getting your materials ready for study with every required item and having a clean desk can certainly prepare you better for your studies, keeping you conscious that the moment at hand is dedicated to studying alone while bringing to pause every other activity. An organized day is a good way to take away that laziness.

8. A change of study environment

The laziness you encounter might be related to the environment you are in, so it is necessary to have a change of environment and see the wonders because of the positive impact it has. Changing your study environment is also a great way to increase your potential during study. If the environment is distraction-free, then your concentration and memory recall will be amazing.


That’s all there is to it, guys! Our top study tips for lazy students. We hope that these suggestions will help you get the most out of your studies, even if you don’t want to put in the extra effort. Remember that even little improvements can make a major difference in academic success. So, what are you waiting for? Begin today and see how far you can get!

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