The Different Types of Online Class Students

The Different Types of Online Class Students

Have you ever been in an online team and group where your team was presented with a particular project or task? Surely if you have been a part of such a group you can easily spot the different types of participants who can be teammates, fellow students, co-workers, or even teachers or instructors. So here are some different types of online class students you might see out there while surfing the world of online classes and teamwork.

Different Types of Online Students

1. The Enthusiastic Student

These students go out of their way to get further knowledge about a subject or topic. They are always one of the first to be on the virtual meeting platform and usually take out time to do further research topics to better engage the teacher or instructor. 

2. The Messy Student

These are some of those students you would see who are visually unsettled and seem disturbed by a variety of different factors other than the meeting itself. You can see this by their manner of talking, unsettledness, untidy environments, and frequent shaking and noises from their end.

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3. The Complainer

This is a student or teammate who always makes complaints about many irrelevant things during a virtual meeting session. He usually does this to burn time and get the meeting over with. 

4. The Overdressed Student 

This is a student or teammate who has visibly overdressed in a manner that becomes obvious to other team members. This is usually not much of a problem but unless it becomes outrageous and in that case, it can become a distraction to other members of a class 

5. The Underdressed Student 

This is the reverse of the above-stated case and is more of a distraction than it too. For instance, hopping on to a video meeting with wearing a bikini bra. There is no denying that underdressed students can be a distraction in any setting. Whether it’s at school, work, or a social setting, it’s important to dress appropriately to ensure that you look your best.

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6. The Insecure Student 

Insecurity usually stems from self-doubt or lack of confidence. Imagine that shy boy in your class who is always leaving his webcam turned off. These are insecure students or teammates who don’t like to talk or participate except they are been told to or except when it is almost unavoidable. 

7. The Movers 

These are people who due to one reason or the other are always found moving and changing their physical location by walking about with their recording devices. It can serve as a kind of distraction and is usually not allowed in most virtual meetings. Doing this repeatedly can lead to you being thrown out of the meeting. 

8. The Mute Student

These are team members who fail to unmute their microphones before they begin talking. This can usually be annoying and would cause panic as other members of the meeting would start to think that something is wrong with the individual connections. It can cause members to miss important parts of an ongoing talk or explanation. Even the teachers or instructors sometimes fall into this category. 

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9. The Interrupting Student

Usually, in a video meeting, these are those members who are frequently disturbed by people or things in their background and as a result, end up disturbing the entire progress made by the team or class. Some people can be interrupted by their pets, their parents, siblings, alarms, etc. 

10. The Bad Connection 

This is a student whose network is below par and as a result, always lags in his or her video feed or audio content. A simple solution to this would be to get a dedicated router or Wi-Fi connection point that you are certain will not fail you during your meeting or class hours. 

11. The Virtual Background Enthusiast 

While virtual backgrounds are usual during virtual meetings, they are rarely used as a necessity. Some students or teammates usually take it upon themselves to source for and use all these virtual backgrounds during their online presentations and meetings. Some of them might be very distracting and end up drawing attention away from the fundamental purpose of the meeting. It is ideal to be conservative while picking virtual or artificial backgrounds. 

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12. The Heavy Breathers

These are students who, either because of the proximity of their microphones or for some other reasons, always end up having their breath heard by everyone in the meeting. This can be a distraction as well as a funny scenario at times. Please keep the microphone a reasonable distance from your noses or mouths guys.


With all that being said, I believe it would be pretty easy for you to now find the categories you belong to. I have found mine and no I’m not saying it again, go and read through the article to find out. Thankfully, there are already available solutions to most of these problems. A meeting or class’s host has a lot of custom settings to allow only a limited number of people to share their audio or live feed at a time. Or else, we would all be experiencing a digital jungle!


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