Things that matter in high school 

Things that matter in high school 

Despite the time and endless responsibilities, the bigger picture remains, and those who can see it get to appreciate why high school is so important and make the most of it. High school can be viewed as a preparation stage in which teens learn a lot of things and the perfect place to figure out their areas of strengths and interest while letting go of those weaknesses to set themselves up for a future full of success.

In this article, you will learn about things that really matter in high school.

Things that matter in high school

1. Future career goals

Despite being the final low-stakes year of a person’s life to study, explore, and experiment in a range of courses and activities, high school is crucial in transitioning into the practical world. High school, contrary to popular belief, is not intended to teach students irrelevant topics with no use in their lives; rather, these subjects, as well as electives, are intended to assist students in discovering their interests and future professional aspirations.

Students who excel in science may be more suited to a career in medicine, while those who excel in math may be better suited to a career in business.

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2. Increased college options

It is certain that not every student will be a valedictorian or attend an Ivy League school, with other available options such as attending a med school, becoming a brain surgeon, or attending a fashion school being linked to your better performance in high school, which is why it is still important that each student does their very best to expose themselves to more options and opportunities when it comes to both college and their potential career.

It’s not always a nice feeling to realize that you missed out on some possibilities because you weren’t serious in high school, so do your hardest in every class, whether you enjoy the topics or not.

3. Important life skills

High school isn’t just about learning the core subjects or mastering the class curriculum; there are other important life skills you should work on throughout your high school experience. In addition to your classes and extracurricular activities, you should think about developing your problem-solving and analytical, teamwork, leadership, and critical thinking skills.

College admissions authorities and potential employers constantly search candidate resumes for these qualities and skills, so it is better to start cultivating them now.

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4. Make the best use of your time in high school.

Making the most use of your time in high school is not just about achieving excellent marks, but it is an essential part of it since everyone should strive for the highest grades while also exploring those topics and activities that may pique your interest.

Also, for your elective courses, always select topics that will have a positive influence on your career, and try out a variety of extracurricular activities, including sports, to see which ones best match your skills.

5. Try something new.

High school isn’t just about your interests; you can learn more about yourself by challenging yourself with a rigorous course load that won’t overwhelm you; the focus should be on maintaining a good GPA, but with little challenge, you’ll stay engaged, and you’ll be sure to impress your potential college.

Every institution wants candidates who are intellectually interested and ambitious, who like learning, and who are not frightened of challenges.

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6. Establish positive connections with your teachers.

Your high school teachers can be very important to your future not only in getting into college but also in networking, which you will find an important aspect in college as well as the professional world because your teachers in high school write college recommendation letters, suggest good opportunities for high performers, and pick the best student for scholarships.

You may reap these advantages from your teachers by cultivating great relationships with them and establishing yourself as a student who takes their curriculum seriously.

7. Participate in extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular activities can provide opportunities for students to develop their skills outside of the classroom, as well as serve as resume boosters used to impress college admissions; this is a great way for students to discover their talents in life, which can give them a direction towards a career; you also get to develop some really valuable skills by participating in these extracurricular activities.

Also, by participating in extracurricular activities, you get the chance to practice cooperation, leadership, teamwork, and proposing innovative ways to improve the club by introducing diverse and excellent ideas.

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8. Look for a mentor.

It can be incredibly motivating and helpful for a high school student to have a mentor or a role model because you will undoubtedly study and observe the actions they have taken to become successful in their chosen field or career, and if you get to know them in person.

It will be great to ask for their guidance and listen to what they have to say, of course, they should be more experienced and successful than you are so you get a valuable perspective from them, your mentor should be someone who has to achieve the goals you set to achieve as well as living in the future you hope to have, so as to have a clear inspiration and clarity of your personal success.


We cannot deny that high school is an important time in a person’s life, possibly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that can really set young students up for their future careers. Although it can be stressful, it only serves to prepare us for the task ahead and to provide a better foundation for the remaining stages of our lives. Not to mention that the purpose of high school is to begin an early discovery of ourselves and future interests in order to have the great future we want.

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