6 Time management tips for student

6 Time management tips for student

Time is a resource that should be managed and maximized, especially for college students. Becoming more organized and confident allows students to study more successfully. Time management is a valuable skill that can be learnt and used efficiently even after you graduate from college. This article offers the necessary tips for effective time management.

6 Time management tips for student

1. Set goals and takes note of deadline

To properly manage your time as a student, you must first understand what you are doing with it by setting goals and noting activities that squander your time. This will help you to be more efficient in your tasks as well. Time management is dependent on your ability to set goals for yourself because, as a student, you are bound to take several courses at a time, accompanied by homework, tests, and exams, but it does not have to be so overwhelming with your ability to manage time effectively.

Use a pen and a piece of paper to jot down all of your deadlines ahead of time to assist you arrange your study time and homework time according to your list. This is the first and most significant step, as well as the foundation for the other tips discussed below.

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2. Break up large tasks into smaller tasks

Putting smaller tasks at the front of your to-do list is an excellent method to take control of your time, as is the advise that anytime you have a big to-do list, put it in an order that works for you, that is, at the beginning of your day to-do list. Start with basic and low-level chores, and if you have enormous jobs that you know will take a long time, potentially days, break them down into smaller portions so you don’t feel discouraged simply by looking at them.

The advantage of this is that by completing these small and plentiful tasks, you are motivated and energized to perform more tasks, and breaking those large tasks into smaller tasks avoids the state where you stare at it without knowing how to proceed, which leads to time waste rather than management.

3. Use checklist and create schedule

When it comes to learning about time management, the best technique is to use a timetable and a checklist. With the aid of your internet devices; phones or laptops, you can make up your plan and designate the ideal time based on how small you want the work to be and try to incorporate all components such as social activities, study time, visiting time, lectures time, and so on.

Also, depending on the duration, a checklist can help you manage your time. However, as a student, a weekly checklist is recommended; that is, at the beginning of each week, all the upcoming weekly activities, mostly your assignments and projects, are to be written down on paper, then to monitor these activities, input the checklist into your schedule, and you are sure to get the most out of it by ensuring no item is overlooked.

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4. Make the most of your break and reward yourself

Time management is not only about organizing your activities, but also about how well you use your breaks; this is where your strength lies and how effective you are at managing your time; instead of taking breaks just to recharge, you can put them to good use by completing the small task on your to-do list. Say you have to go to the movies every week since you have an hour between courses; for some, this may be an excellent opportunity to cross that item off your to-do list.

With this, and letting go of irrelevant tasks on your to-do list during your break, you will realize that you have more time to accomplish what you want to do, making your time more productive. When it comes time to reward yourself for your success so far, make sure that it coincides with the time management objectives that you already have in your plan, which will motivate you on your time management path.

5. Request assistance and reduce distractions

This is one approach to start your time management adventure as a student; this generally takes the shape of allocating certain responsibilities if you live with roommates. Consider creating a cleaning schedule in which everyone takes turns; this will free up part of the available time to focus on school activities and other vital things. Though distractions cannot be completely eliminated, they may be reduced to a minimum.

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6. Try not to multitask

Splitting attention between two distinct things is a terrible method to learn and manage your time, and accomplishing a job successfully is dependent on your ability to concentrate and focus on that activity by avoiding undivided attention.


In conclusion, time management is a critical skill for students to learn. By developing good time management habits, students can make the most of their time and achieve their academic goals. There are a variety of time management tools and techniques that students can use, so it is important to find the ones that work best for them. With practice, time management can become second nature and help students lead more productive, and successful lives.

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