How to concentrate on studies while in a relationship

How to concentrate on studies while in a relationship

If you are in a relationship, you may have found that it can be hard to concentrate on your studies if your partner wants to spend time with you. The tips below will help you and your partner balance studying and relationships to succeed in school without being distracted by each other’s company.

Balance studies: how to concentrate on studies while in a relationship

1. Understand each other

One thing that is most desired in a relationship is understanding. The level of understanding between you and your partner will determine how successful your relationship will be. There will be mutual appreciation and respect between you and your partner with understanding. When you understand your partner, you will always see things from their perspective. If your partner tells you that he won’t be available for today’s date, you will understand.

With understanding, you will know when your partner needs time to concentrate on their studies. You will easily figure out why they behave in a certain way at a certain time, you can even predict their moves, and you will need them at any time.

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2. Communicate often

Communicate often with your partner. Let your partner know your schedule when you have tests and exams, and they should also know how much free time you can spare. Communicating does not only allows your partner to know what you are experiencing, but it will also allow them to know what you need and how they can be of help. Communication helps build a relationship and make a relationship strong. Communication well, communicate often.

3. Learn to study Together

If you guys are colleagues in the same college or if you both are studying in the same school. It will be fun to learn how to study together. I say ‘learn’ because studying together can sometimes be distracting. It would be best if you learned to study in silence until the study session is over. After which, you can reward yourself by seeing a movie or listening to your favorite music. Studying together is a great way to stay close, so utilize it well, learn not to ruin it.

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4. Get to know your partner’s routine.

Get to know about what your partner’s routine is like so that you will plan accordingly. It is not enough to know what they are doing and know when they are busy and not. Suppose possible know the kind of activities they are doing at a particular time so you can also finish up your work and hang out when you both are free. Doing this will help avoid the little fight and arguments couples normally get for thinking the other does not have time for them.

5. Create your schedule

In her article “7 steps to living your life with purpose”, Katrina Ruth says, “If you don’t decide what matters in advance, you’ll spend it all doing things that aren’t moving you forward.” Time is a very precious commodity, and we should be mindful of how we spend it. Creating your schedule lets you get clear on your goals, makes prioritizing tasks easy, and allows you to identify when you will be free. You can also inform your partner about your schedule and request them to co-operate with you.

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6. Have clear goals

To be successful in anything, you need to have clear goals. If you want to succeed in your studies and relationship, you need to have clear goals and commit to fulfilling them. Setting goals is important because they keep you motivated and help you not lose track. Goal setting is like making a commitment that you must deliver. Pick up your notebook or notepad, and write your goals down. Remember to be clear and specific as possible. Doing this will help you avoid distractions.

7. Be focus

When you are studying, be sure to stay focused. I know it might be difficult to keep focus, considering we have our phones and social media to distract us. But keeping phones away, finding a conducive environment, and using effective study methods have been noted to curb distraction. When you are focused on studying, you are more likely to complete it with greater efficiency. The ability to complete it faster can help you have more time for your partner.  

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8. Prioritize Exam Period

The exam period is always the most stressful time, and it is also a time your relationship will be tested. Nevertheless, you should ensure to prioritize the exam period, prioritize academic success over personal tasks, and try as much as possible to avoid distraction.

Being in a relationship in college is good and will make college fun, but graduating is more important. Let your partner understand why hanging out won’t be possible, and you can even remind your partner that there is a holiday in front where you guys can spend time together without distraction. 

9. Spend quality time when you are with your partner

Ensure to spend quality time with your partner when you are together. Avoid social media and other phone distractions during dates. Don’t spend your time fighting or running into arguments. Ensure to give your partner 100% attention whenever you are together. All these can make up for studying for exams that you might not have time to meet.q

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