Types of classmates in high school

9 Types of classmates in high school

Every class in high school has different categories that everyone falls into, whether you believe it or not, and these categories are true. This article will concentrate on the various types of classmates we have in high school.

Types of classmates in high school

1. The sleeper

These people are always sleeping in every class, and it’s not surprising if you’ve never seen their eyes. If only the school administration would sign it into law, these students would be willing to bring their mattresses to school in order to sleep comfortably in the classroom; they have discovered a way to elevate sleep to a new level.

Even when the teacher notices them and moves them from their seats, they find a way to sleep unnoticed right under the teacher’s nose. Perhaps this is one of their habits because they sleep not only in class but also during breaks, CCAs, and sometimes on their way home, and if you pay close attention and look in their direction, you will see their eyes close and a soft snoring will be heard.

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2. Mama shop

You might fall in love with this set of mates; they are viewed as a movable mama shop, always stocked with class-required accessories. They are business-oriented, and they are always stocked with stationeries that are needed in the classroom, such as copies of notes and extra foolscap paper, while others sell useful items such as snacks, drinks, and items found in a grocery store.

3. Antisocial

To find these people in a class, you will need to conduct a thorough search in the classroom. To find them easily, look at the right back of the classroom, that is where you are most likely to find them. If only there was a way to make them invisible in class, they would gladly do it. It is best to avoid looking at them; even making eye contact with them will cause them to flee beneath the table.

It’s difficult to find them after class because they vanish as soon as the bell rings for the end of class. And if you’re paying attention, the next time you notice their presence will most likely be in the next class. Talking to them will be a terrible mistake on your part because they detect it easily even before you open your mount to change a word, and before you know it, they are nowhere to be found.

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4. The Pervert

These types are mostly composed of men, and if you are attractive enough, you will undoubtedly catch their attention. Their gaze is usually drawn to women wearing tight-fitting clothing, shorter skirts, and shorts. Simply looking at them will give you an idea of their next moves.

5. The assisters

These are usually lazy students’ best friends; they are very obedient and show up to every lecture, tutorial, and lesson, and their duty most of the time is to ensure that everyone is in the class.

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6. The geek

Though they are frequently confused with the helpers. These people usually prefer studying to doing anything else, no matter how interesting it is; in class, they are commonly seen as “studious” They are always with a book when you see them, and even on their way home, they use that walking moment to look at nothing but their notes.

And they are the ones who get every homework assignment completed on time, and you will always see them sitting in front of every lecture. And after class, they usually stay back to study, and when you come to class the next morning, you sometimes wonder if they have moved from that same spot since yesterday because they are always sitting in the same spot.

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7. The genius

These students are mostly despised; they are constantly topping the class and never seem to study. They are always ready to discourage everyone from studying, saying things like “there is no need to study lah,” “I can never study,” and “study for what?”

But as soon as the results are out, you see them make straight A’s which makes you wonder and make you want to punch them in the face. The truth is that they definitely study like crazy at home because dominating requires at least a little study.

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8. The news bringer

These youngsters are notorious for their high school gossip, and they have a lot of secrets in their heads. Despite the fact that they appear to be harmless, people should be very afraid of them. They are mostly seen looking for the most recent, juicy news to share. If you’re looking for information, just find them and you’ll get every little detail about anyone.

If you’re curious about your crush, they will tell you everything you need to know, including who they have previously dated, where they live, their daily routines, and most likely where they went at 5:30 pm yesterday. Make sure you don’t irritate them for your own sake.

9. The rich kids

One of these is always present in every school, and while they are not always arrogant, you can tell just by looking that they are the child of a tycoon. Some of these kids can be quite obnoxious at times, and they usually arrive at school in different cars, changing their Smartphones as frequently as you change your contact lenses. There is always a crowd of friends around them, and they are usually the de facto leader of them all.

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There may be more types of students, depending on your high school, but these have been carefully chosen after some research.

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