What to do when you cant study anymore

What to do when you cant study anymore

It is normal for many people to lose interest in studying after some time. In addition, there will be times when you will feel like doing nothing because of a lack of interest or energy. If this happens to you, try not to be too hard on yourself. There are reasons why these things happen, but you may rapidly stop them by learning the causes and the essential solutions as discussed below.

What to do when you cant study anymore tips

1. Meet a mental health care specialist for a case of depression

Your lack of desire to study can be a result of depression; this you know when you feel that you have no aim and there is nothing that seems to get your interest; a student in this state cannot study no matter how hard he tries to do so. The way out of this is to find the necessary motivation for study and remember why you started in the first place.

Also, comparing yourself to others can lead to depression, and if this is the primary reason you can’t study anymore, then you need to stop comparing yourself with others. It is recommended for some people, particularly if their level of depression is rather severe, to get in touch with a mental health care expert.

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2. Don’t be afraid of failure

Fear makes you do nothing for a more extended period; this is sometimes why many students find it difficult to continue their studies. To prepare for tests or exams, you must assess your progress at some time. If you find that you are not making enough progress, fear will set in, and you will be unable to continue studying.

You will lose interest in your studies and be more likely to look for other solutions if you constantly worry that you won’t do well on the test. Therefore, anytime you study, remember that doing anything is better than doing nothing, let go of your fear of failing, and study comfortably.

3. Change the topic

This is the cause in most cases; if it happens that you are finding it difficult to understand the topic, take a break at that moment. Don’t try switching to another topic or choosing another subject because it might just get worst. Take a break, and listen to a song or two before you begin another topic, by doing these helps reset your memory and put you in a better position to continue your study at ease.

Most of the time, if reading a particular topic causes you problems, studying while listening to music may be the solution you’re looking for. However, believe it or not, there are some courses that, when chosen for study, immediately make you feel gloomy because of their nature.

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4. Take a break

A student that tends to study for long hours finds this issue common. Despite this, they actively attempt to continue their studies rather than merely take a break from them. Long durations of concentration put physical stress on the body; therefore, rather than pressuring yourself to accomplish what you started, take a break, get some coffee, or find something enjoyable to do instead. Your body will be refueled, allowing you to concentrate on your studies for longer.

5. Engage yourself in Social activities

Top students tend to study for so many hours that they ignore the social aspects of their education; this is one of the primary reasons they lose interest in their studies and lives. If this is the case for you, put the books down, set them aside for a bit, and engage in some social activity instead.

This will assist your career and is an excellent approach to combat depression. And if you still need more reason to involve yourself in socializing, this one is for you; don’t forget that we are social creatures, and most of our knowledge is from our network with others, not just our job and opportunities.

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6. Change your study area

Select a different place to study, or go to a friend’s place and study together. It might just be that you are used to particular settings, and you need someplace new, where you get to see new faces, discuss some ideas, and learn another method to solve a challenging problem to get your interest back.

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7. Step outside for a while

It is of no use studying when you are tense about deadlines, assignments, texts, completing a chapter, and exams. Hence, the reason you step outside and clear your head of those loads, take a quick walk and relax your brain to do the little it can, if possible get to meet a friend and ensue to talk about things like sport, where you would love to go during your next break, don’t forget to say few jokes and laugh. This way, you get to set your brain free and relax to carry on the task.


Studying is one the difficult thing to engage in; as a result, it requires a lot of discipline and, most times, motivation. Very few people love studying, and there is a chance that studying something you don’t like will only make you not enjoy it, and if you keep forcing yourself, eventually, you will find out that you can’t proceed further with the study.

The first step is to develop an interest in your study, do the little you can and gradually improve on it. Don’t ever be in the business of comparing yourself with others. It will only make you unsatisfied with yourself and, as a result, lead to depression. Ensure to keep a good balance between your study, social life and other school activities to remove the boredom associated with studying for long hours. And lastly, don’t forget why you started it in the first place; get your determination to play.

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