What to look out for when renting a student house

What to look out for when renting a student house

It is always exciting finding your first student home. With friends and a lot of freedom, especially if the accommodation is of high quality, which is always something to search for since most students are constantly dissatisfied with the quality of their accommodations compared to the rent they pay. We’ve outlined what to look for while renting a student accommodation to prevent this frustration.

What to look out for when renting a student house

1. Don’t be in a hurry.

You must remove the pressure so that you do not end up making a bad choice; consider each setting appropriately and match it with the idea you have in mind. Ask all the necessary questions, and note how satisfying it is as you search for accommodation; this is a very important aspect because you will be living there for some time, possibly years.

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2. Don’t fall for gimmicks.

Properties are gradually being marketed with different incentives to students in order to entice them to buy sooner. The goal of these gimmicks is to persuade you to make a down payment on a property that is either out of your price range or may not be right for you. Additionally, these properties always come with higher weekly rent and include upgrades such as a brand new TV, monthly beer deliveries, or a games console in the property, which only serve as a distraction from considering the important stuff. Learn to consider these gimmicks as extra advantages if the property meets your criteria, and you’ll be sure to make the correct choice.

3. Look for the positives.

Looking for your first apartment at university is usually a pleasant experience. Set your focus on the positive side, ignoring the bad words when talking to people about student housing. Allow your imagination to take control when you walk into a room by considering all your stuff and the perfect place you are going to arrange them and ensure to take a look at the environment to make sure it meets your requirements.

Things like a large garden to host BBQs and parties in the summer, the number of people you think could fit in on the sofa when in the final season of your favorite show, and many others. This is what people mean when they speak about the property’s potential; with this sort of positive image in mind, you can be certain of receiving the finest.

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Things to keep an eye out for when renting a student house

1. Damp

One of the major issues associated with rental properties, including student housing, is dampness and mold. The way to identify this unwelcome dampness and mold when viewing a property, as well as the common signs to look out for, include a musty odor, discolored patches of paint, excessive amounts of condensation on windows, and finally, walls, floors that feel very cold, if not damp to the touch. So, keep an eye out for these signs in your furniture and closets.

2. Fire safety and security

Even before seeing, it is suggested to do a fast check for crime rates in the region, particularly theft from the property, which is somewhat higher in student environments when doors or windows are mistakenly left open. And live in a shared apartment.

You should be aware that you are at a high risk of injury in the event of a fire outbreak due to a variety of careless activities that are bound to occur in such an environment, such as leaving cooking unattended or leaving an electric heater running to keep your room warm. It is always recommended for your safety to check for suitable fire safety equipment and confirm that it is operational by contacting your landlord.

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4. Utility suppliers

These include the heating setup and the type of cooker in the kitchen, whether electric, gas, or a mix. When it comes to cost, central gas heating is significantly superior to electric heating. It is also warmer in the winter and takes far less time to heat up.

However, when making this decision, make sure to go with the one that minimizes your costs as much as possible. Finally, don’t forget your prepared meter and ensure to roll with modern technology because they are much cheaper and more comfortable than the old meters, which required a top-up card to be inserted before use, and if they run out mostly in the middle of your cooking or making a coffee, then you see how suck they really are.

5. Furnishing and signs of pest

A completely furnished property isn’t such a terrible option when looking for an apartment since most students don’t have much of their own furniture to bring with them when moving to a newly leased flat, but keep the price in mind as well. Above all, always obtain a copy of the inventory when viewing a property so that you can see the details of everything that will be within the property when you move in.

Also, don’t forget to check for errors on soft furnishings such as sofas and mattresses, as a broken spring and support struts are quite uncomfortable and can be dangerous to you. Contact your agent if you discover any improper things so that the landlord may arrange for a replacement.

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Others include

Faucets and showers – Take a quick glance around to confirm that the toilet flushes correctly, as well as all the taps and water outlets and that the shower is in excellent working order.
Power outlets and phone lines – It is really inconvenient not to have a working power socket, so keep an eye out for those power outlets that are generally spaced out across the room, as well as the extension cables, when you are scanning around your prospective student bedroom.

With the knowledge presented in this article, you should be able to make the best choice concerning your student accommodation.

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