What to say when you approach a girl in school

What to say when you approach a girl in school

Let’s say you saw a girl who really caught your attention. You look at yourself; well-dressed, confident, and ready to walk up and talk to her. When you finally did, you got to introduce yourself with a smile, and she introduces herself and smiles at this point, things are going great.

But before you even attempt to approach a girl in school, you would have to consider first what you are to say to her. There are a few things that you can say to get her attention.

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Tips on what to say when you approach a girl in school

1. Say something to get her attention.

You approach her and gently touch her shoulder at first. When she turns to face you, you introduce yourself. After that, you need to bring her attention with something really intriguing. Always try to avoid asking irrelevant questions like, “Where are you from?,” “What do you do for a living?”,” and “Are you new here?”

You are not providing any value by doing this; instead, you are merely talking to her without attempting to engage her. What you should do is start talking about yourself in terms of things that make you look good, such as being social, traveling, a funny activity that just happened, and financial stability, rather than asking her any questions about herself after your introduction. But try not to boast about your preferences, whatever they may be.

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2. What to expect

By telling her these cool things about you, you increase your value in her eyes, making you seem more interesting than the other guys who just show up and start chatting with her.

Let’s say you start talking about your trip to Japan. She will be eager to share a few words and either ask you some questions or share her own experience, which is really cool because it makes it seem more like a conversation than an interview. She’s probably not the best match for you if she doesn’t relate to you in any way. If you can change the topic to another exciting event in your life and get no response from her, let her go.

3. Learn to compliment her

Every woman carries herself in a certain way, so you should pay attention to that even before you introduce yourself in order to know the areas you should compliment her on. To do this, you should observe her to get a sense of how she moves, what she enjoys doing, and what motivates her. If you can do this, it will be much easier for you to approach her and compliment her appropriately, but you should always be polite.

With these tips in mind, you are now prepared to move. Of course, begin by introducing yourself, sharing some frank information about yourself, complimenting her, and gazing directly into her eyes. She will be delighted that you get to congratulate her on some awesome things that make her truly happy, and before you know it, she will be knelt at your feet.

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4. Find some common ground

The reason you need to find some common ground is to keep her attention when you talk, or she will walk away. If you get to say cool things about yourself and there is no communication, quickly switch to the saying the funniest moment of your life. When you see a smile on her face, politely ask her what the most amazing thing she has ever done in her life.

Though she may hesitate for a moment to recall those moments, don’t say anything at this point and don’t be afraid if she will respond to you or not, as long as she has already given you a smile, she will definitely respond to you, and when she does, you have gotten her exactly where you want her to be, just keep the communication interesting and brief as possible.

5. Be calm before you engage in conversation

When you want to talk to a girl in class, don’t put any pressure on yourself because that will only make you nervous and make you forget what you were going to say. Take the pressure off by maintaining eye contact, then say something while grinning, and then you can go on to compliment something about her appearance or personality before introducing yourself. If you don’t take approaching seriously, you can put yourself in simple mode, which will keep you calm and free of any unneeded pressure.

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Knowing what to say when you approach a college girl doesn’t have to be difficult, unless perhaps you’re talking to someone who isn’t really interested in you. As mentioned above, you shouldn’t take it too seriously. Instead, go for a handshake and start by sharing a funny story from your life. Then, before making the introduction, you can go ahead and compliment the girl. Finally, ask her about her interests and get her to respond.

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